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designer lighting brands

The best designer lighting brands adding quirky character and luxury to your home

The moment a room has been exquisitely decorated, the archways adorned with statement antiques and the wallpaper and flooring are both in sync, the perfectionist designer looks towards designer lighting brands, and not necessarily lighting that just provides 600 lumens of brightness but luxury lamps that create an ambience, a mood that allows guests to […]

rock garden

4 Rock Garden Themes and Their Characteristics

A rock garden is a landscaped garden seeking to recreate a mountainous region, characterised by an arrangement of rocks, stones and boulders with low growing plants, shrubs and flowers delicately planted in between the stones. As well as being a garden that requires very little maintenance, they are elegant and impactful, making them increasingly popular. […]

luxury living room furniture

Blending ultraviolet with your luxury living room furniture

Ultraviolet, the Pantone colour of 2018, has mystical qualities bringing calmness and spirituality to your luxury living room furniture while instantly updating your interior decor. “Purple is the colour for royalties, it stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also the colour of passion, romance and sensitivity” – Unknown Adding ultraviolet to your luxury […]


Creative Trends in Luxury Home Accessories and Décor

In 2018, the most engaging trends in luxury home accessories and decor are keeping pace with the forefront of artistic and design collaborations. Colour also plays an important role in au courant décor. One of the most innovative trends is creative pieces made and designed by top artistic minds and artisanal forces. Whether it’s adding […]


Avant Garde Table Lamp Shades

Luxury table lamps and table lamp shades  are artworks in their own right. As coveted decorative and functional items they are absolutely essential to any room’s style whether a living room, office or study, home library, bedroom or even a foyer. Carefully placed table lamps can create a sense of ambience and coziness, and much […]

private jet interior

Luxury Lifestyle – Choosing Your Custom Jet Interior

Luxury Lifestyle – Choosing a Private Jet Interior Choosing your private jet interior for family or business should include having various living spaces – the choice will depend on your typical needs and how far you may travel. The length and size of your jet as well as seating will also determine final decisions. Highlights […]

Grey Living Room

Décor Trends – Innovative Gray Living Room Ideas

Searching for gray living room ideas? Looking for a way to add depth and update your space? Paint walls in a pale dove gray, add brownish toned grey furnishings to act as a canvas for your modern furnishings, floor coverings, and surreal porcelain collection. Add Asian inspired artwork for a palatial feel. Gray is a […]

German Decorations

A World of German Decorations, Art and Design – The Handmade in Germany Exhibit

A diverse and inventive collection of contemporary German decorations, studios, artwork and design projects are on view in the travelling Handmade in Germany international exhibition. The dream of a show features masterpieces by 180 German firms, artists, artisans and designers. Seeing this special exhibit gives one a chance to view the most innovative in German […]

luxury lighting brands

Luxury Lighting Brands: Tradition in Statement Chandeliers

A key trend for 2018 is statement lighting. Luxury lighting brands are creating ever more ambitious and sculptural designs, formulating high fashion, experimental lighting concepts. Furthermore, the placement of these large, opulent chandeliers and sculptural fixtures is taking an unexpected turn; while it’s quite usual to place a chandelier in an entrance hall or a […]

dog figurines

Porcelain Dog Figurines: A Classic Made Contemporary

For thousands of years people have adorned palaces, temples and dwellings with images of their canine companions. In ancient Egypt, Rome and China, mighty stone statues of canine gods guarded the doors of shrines and castles, enduring symbols of the close relationship wrought between man and his loyal animal friends. From the ancient world the […]

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