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Luxury Home Decor

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Country Home Decor

Country Home Décor: Inspired Spaces

Inspired Country Home Décor Country home décor today means stylish modern pieces and new takes on traditional rustic motifs. These days country homes come in all sorts of styles, builds and have varied uses -whether just a weekend getaway, a place for holidays or summer time residences. Looking for an unusual take on Country Home Décor? […]

Linear Chandeliers

Linear Chandeliers: Statement Lighting

Design Statement Pieces: Linear Chandeliers  Linear Chandeliers are statement pieces that transform spaces of any style, whether a modernist luxury dining room, or a rustic living area, these rectangular lighting fixtures come in various styles, materials and configurations and are a go to for designers looking to upgrade a room. Trending today in modern homes […]

interior design trade shows

5 of the Best Interior Design Trade Shows and Festivals

If you’re updating your home or hunting for the next top designer, the first place you should begin the search is at the world’s leading interior design trade shows. Enormous design Meccas, these events are the best place to find the hottest new home accessories, high end furnishings, and luxury designs before they even reach retailers. […]

luxury mirrors

Luxury Mirrors: The Perfect Finishing Touch for Bathrooms

The bathroom is the sanctuary of the home; a place for relaxation, tranquility, and calm. Therefore, only the finest accents and accessories will do. From fluffy white towels to fragrant candles, it’s the finishes touches that make your bathroom a truly luxurious retreat. When considering the interior design for your bathroom, pay careful attention to the […]

jillian harris house

Creating a Jillian Harris House: Tips for Under-Loved Rooms

Canadian interior designer Jillian Harris began her television career via the unlikely forum of the dating reality shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. However, since making a name for herself as a television personality, Jillian Harris has made a significant mark on her true passion – interior design. Appearing on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and hosting the […]

pros and cons of walk in tubs

Pros and Cons of Walk In Tubs: Thoroughly Luxurious or Impractical?

Sunken, walk-in bathtubs are a hallmark of luxury. Just like a swimming pool, a sunken bathtub is integrated into the floor of your bathroom, erasing the barrier between the floor and the water. A thoroughly luxurious addition to a master bathroom, walk-in bathtubs are becoming increasingly fashionable. Creating a more organic bathtime experience, sunken tubs […]

wall street apartments

Wall Street Apartments: New Luxury Destination

New York City’s Financial District is synonymous with wealth and glamour. The high energy, fast-paced trading halls of the stock exchange is the beating heart of the American economy, where aspiring entrepreneurs make their fortunes. However, despite the fact that these few blocks in Manhatten’s southern point are where most big investments are made, the FiDi […]

men's apartment essentials

Men’s apartment essentials: investment pieces enhancing quality of life at home

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own apartment or searching for the perfect gift, we have compiled a list of important elements to consider for some key rooms in your home that are not only men’s apartment essentials but essentials for anyone who values quality, design and elegance at home. Men’s apartment essentials: 5 […]

poliform closets

Modular fitted Poliform closets and adding complementing accessories.

The compositional versatility of each of their designs has ensured poliform closets have remained an uncompromised leader in their field since it was established in 1970 by cousins Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani. This family business has been going from strength to strength due to the impeccable quality and design innovation that is […]

extra large chandelier

Extra large chandeliers – the traditional and modern approaches.

The sophistication that an extra large chandelier brings to the interior decor of your home is unsurpassable. From the light it exudes to its powerful presence, welcome the ultimate status symbol for your home. Extra large chandeliers – inspiring freedom and fluidity in your living room The sophistication that an extra large chandelier brings to […]

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