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certified lighting designer

Art with Light: Working with a Certified Lighting Designer

Light is one of the most important elements of a living space. Like water and warmth, it nourishes, comforts and promotes well-being. Therefore, when considering interior design in the home, light should be a central concern. In order to achieve the best possible lighting design concept, you may wish to hire a Certified Lighting Designer. […]

living spaces lighting

Living Spaces Lighting: Statement Fixtures for the Kitchen

Statement lighting fixtures are commonly found in formal areas of the home. For example, it is quite usual to see a large chandelier or sculptural fixture in a living room or hanging in a double-height stairwell. However, there is no reason to not extend glamour and artistry to every space in the home, to create […]

wool vs synthetic rugs

Wool vs Synthetic Rugs: Contemporary Carpet Designs

Floor treatments in your home are what make it welcoming, cosy and inviting. The feeling of a soft carpet underfoot after a long day at work or on a cold night is truly luxurious. Therefore, when selecting a rug or carpet, the fabric needs to be of impeccable quality. The latest trends in rug design […]

modern classics interiors

Modern Classics Interiors: Contemporary Takes on Antique Furnishings

The dawn of the postmodern era ushered in a new epoch in design. Once a rigid, inflexible practice, suddenly, the rule book was torn up and thrown out of the window. After decades of modernist precision, designers could now draw inspiration from any era, creating eclectic, modern classics interiors filled with intrigue and elegance. Therefore, to […]

nightscapes lighting

Nightscapes Lighting: Illuminating Your Home

Some things are at their most beautiful under the night sky; a glistening lake, a dewy field or the blinking lights of a city in the distance. Equally, lighting design can showcase your home and garden at its best at nighttime. Therefore, nightscapes lighting is an important new trend in landscape design. Through carefully placed […]

interior design proposals

Choosing Interior Design Proposals: Concept, Narrative, Artistry

When re-designing a space with an interior designer, there are many exciting things to think about. For example, what color to paint the walls? What finish to use on the floors? What furniture to buy? However, before any of this begins, it is important to thoroughly review all the potential interior design proposals. Before redesigning […]

interior design processes

Interior Design Processes: Creating the Perfect Living Space

When commissioning an interior designer to help you realize your dream home, there are several important things to consider. After all, there is an enormous amount of trust invested in the relationship. The designer needs to have excellent taste, intuition and most importantly, a compatible design sensibility. Therefore, being familiar with interior design processes is […]

microfiber fabric for upholstery

Microfiber Fabric for Upholstery: New Trends in Soft Furnishings

Interior designers are hailing an innovative new trend in interiors – microfiber fabric for upholstery. Although synthetic fibers are traditionally shunned by those with sophisticated tastes, microfiber is proving to be a game changer in the interior design world. This is due to its versatility, sumptuous softness and easy care. Microfiber is made from man-made […]


Stylish and Modern LED Wall Lights

The Beauty of Stylish and Modern LED Wall Lights LED Wall Lights are a custom feature that many designers and homeowners see as a “must-have” for new spaces. They can be installed in all rooms, in all sorts of interiors and homes. But today with new technical innovation and artful pairings with creative minds the […]

Porcelain Night Lights

Creating Style with Porcelain Night Lights – Luminary Charm

Porcelain nights lights evoke luminary charm, sophistication and a graceful beauty. For romantic bedrooms, guest suites, and even nurseries new porcelain night lights are beautiful and creative ways to enhance your nighttime oasis. Lighting is always a way to bring a certain mood of coziness and or sophistication to your space, even in the night. […]

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