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Luxury Home Decor

For those seeking a lifestyle decor to make more room for emotions

luxury throws

Luxury throws and blankets to highlight interior trends

When amalgamating different furniture types or interior design concepts, your choice of accessories is essential to complete the look to ensure a fluid passage from one element to the next. Adding luxury throws and blankets cements the interior concept in a captivating way.   Combining luxury throws and blankets to your elegant furniture in a […]

luxury bedroom furniture

Luxury bedroom furniture for the perfectionist

As the most prominent area in a home for privacy, personalising your luxury bedroom furniture allows for maximum aesthetic pleasure and establishes a stabilising, harmonised environment. The correct balance of interior elements, creates an antithesis of comfort, luxury and indulgent reverence for this fundamental living space. Here are some tips when you are searching for […]

porcelain lamps

Why porcelain lamps are the ideal luxury gift

Choosing a hand sculpted porcelain lamp that provides tender luminance as the quintessential gift will undoubtedly place a footprint in the hearts of your loved ones, as well as their homes. Selecting the right gift for your friends and family can be an enriching experience; interpreting their personal style while enhancing the luxurious feeling of […]

elegant furniture

Using elegant furniture to glorify your bathroom

No living space has evolved more than the bathroom. Over time the potential of transforming this traditionally functional room has progressed into a haven for personal care by integrating luxury accessories, interior design elements and elegant furniture. By designing a balanced sentiment between functionality and comfort, incorporating elegant furniture into this traditionally practical room of […]

ralph lauren houses

Ralph Lauren Houses: The Art of Decor

For the past five decades, Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with chic, style, elegance and selling not only products, but a complete lifestyle. His innovative fashion ideas and pioneering collections have ensured that the brand has reached epic heights, many have tried to emulate, but relatively few have attained. Since the debut of the Ralph […]

living room chandelier

Modernising the traditional living room chandelier

Historically, chandeliers have always taken the role of the most popular status symbol in the home for the upper echelons of society. In medieval times, the mobile candle chandeliers or candelabra were designed as relatively simple light sources made of predominantly wood and later cast iron, with the functionality of being able to move them […]

elegant fabrics

On trend with home decor and elegant fabrics

Turn your home into the ultimate sophisticated living space with these must haves for 2017/2018. The perfect accessories and furnishings can transfer a home, into an oasis of luxury, calm and relaxation. Elegant fabrics and clean line accessories allow you to add a personal flair and uniqueness to your sanctuary. Revamp your home decor with […]

high end furniture brands

Chic dinner party ideas with high end furniture brands

Often the most anticipated space for home entertaining is the dining room. This is where the guests can indulge in the culinary delights of the chef and the host can show off their taste in decadent furniture and exquisite ambience. Here are some concepts to inspire you in revamping your dining room using high end […]

lighting trends 2018

Ambience with lighting trends in 2018

Every room in your home encapsulates a different mood, ignites a different feeling and has its individual functionality to inspire you in your day to day life. One of the key lighting trends for 2018 include the sophisticated balance between nature and fantasy. Finding the right approach to suit your taste is key to strike […]