8 Luxury Home Design transformations for a spare room

Browse our luxury home design concepts to create a sophisticated and functional space in your spare room.

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friend and family belong and laughter never ends” – Unknown

Luxury home design ideas to turn an occasional room into a hub for relaxation and family quality time

Home gym

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Balancing the decor in a home gym to create a space that is invigorating enough for a cardio workout yet calm enough for yoga, is the key balance. A mirrored wall, great surround sound, possible rubber flooring, areas for refreshments and stretching are all to be considered in the luxury home design stages.

Dressing room

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Every woman deserves a private dressing room where clothing, shoes, bags and jewellery is organised, displayed and lit as works of art. A temple of femininity, adorned with an oversized decorative mirror, perhaps a crystal chandelier, ornate designer wallpaper, an indulgent high pile rug and a high end makeup table fit for royalty.


Cinema room

A dedicated room for movies with a state of the art projector and screen, Devialet sound system, heavenly chaise longues draped with faux fur throws and a popcorn machine will make all the family come together in this room.

Kids play room

A designated room in your home where the children can safely express themselves with their art creations and toys without cluttering the rest of your home. While chalk paint feature walls are current and popular, world map wallpaper sprawling from walls to ceilings serves both educationally and decoratively.

Game room

Create an adult playground by adding a ping pong table and areas for board games or video games insures this room will be a success, catering to the wishes of most of the family.

Home office

Luxury home office designed with your productivity in the comfort of your home in mind. The Eames executive work chair is one of the most expensive ones of its kind, combine that with opulent yet comfortable statement furniture.

Library or reading room

Having plants in your home library might not be the first thing on your mind but this has many health benefits, as studies show. They clean the air and create a sense of calm as well as being visually impactful. Luxurious armchairs, lighting and side tables are elementary and Artemest has a wonderful collection of designer bookshelves as well as exquisite accessories for this room.

Man cave

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Traditional man caves are characterised by earth tones, textured walls and often navy or emerald green sofa sets.

Complete the look by adding luxury home design  furniture such as a pool table, leather reclining sofas, a bar trolley and memorabilia.