A World of German Decorations, Art and Design – The Handmade in Germany Exhibit

A diverse and inventive collection of contemporary German decorations, studios, artwork and design projects are on view in the travelling Handmade in Germany international exhibition. The dream of a show features masterpieces by 180 German firms, artists, artisans and designers.

German Decorations

Seeing this special exhibit gives one a chance to view the most innovative in German art and design, and it’s exciting to note that much of this new work reflects the legacy of German artistic traditions including the Werkbund and the Bauhaus as well historic techniques of porcelain and glass making that can be traced to the 18th century.

Enjoy these highlights of this exhibition of innovative German decoration, porcelain, artwork and design.

Traditional with a Twist -Highlights of German Decorations, Fine Art and Applied Arts

German Decorations, German Design, Handmade in Germany Exhibit, ICFF

Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin

The detailed handmade porcelains of the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin are world renown and have been in production for over 250 years.


The company was founded by Frederick the Great, and the newest handmade incarnations featured in the show are absolutely splendid.

German Decorations

Schramm, Made in Germany

In this show we see a combination of the very ordinary and extraordinary – embodied in bedroom design innovation like this beautiful bed made by Schramm. The company was founded in 1923 and handcrafts and customises their beds, taking up to 100 hours to make this exclusive Grand Cru bed. An emphasis on luxury and craftsmanship prevail.

German Decorations

The Gipsformerei, Handmade in Germany

One of the most captivating exhibitors is The Gipsformerei, the Replica Workshop of the State Museum in Berlin. Founded in 1819, the workshop boasts a collection of over 7,000 castings of important international artwork throughout the ages, including a cast of the 25,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf and a large cast of the 42-meter-high Marcus Aurelius Column, Rome as well as many casts of artwork that are today destroyed or lost. The Gipsformerei is a remarkable resource and offers any visitor an extraordinary opportunity to see casts of rare and important artwork in person.

Modern Classics -More German Decorations, Design and Art at Handmade in Germany

Nymphenburg, ICFF, New York, Handmade in Germany.

Founded in 1747, the German company Nymphenburg was the porcelain manufactory of the Bavarian royal family. Generally, Nymphenburg is known for a regal sense of balance, and precision. Many of their designs are considered to be quite pioneering including those from the 18th century Rococo period. The exhibition pieces for the show are no different, showing a unique and exciting sense of the experimental.

Dante – Goods And Bads, Handmade in Germany, ICFF

Dante– Goods And Bads is a design collective comprised of artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine. Drawing from historic architecture, contemporary painting and modern design they make daringly imaginative and functional objets d’art. Each collection is inspired by a “guest” and reflects this individual person, while remaining truly pragmatic. 

Handmade in Germany allows the visitor to experience first hand the most inventive and interesting products and designs by top manufacturers, artists, studios, designers together. The curation makes for a dynamic mix of established creatives with new and emerging talent.

In this show, no matter the style, medium or form, an emphasis is placed on the importance of artisanship and the value of craft. German decorations, decorative arts, furniture, porcelain, fashion design, culinary mastery, and fine art will astound.

The current exhibit is on world tour stopping in major cities worldwide and will be part of the famous design fair the ICFF in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Center May 20-23, 2018.


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