Ambience with lighting trends in 2018

Every room in your home encapsulates a different mood, ignites a different feeling and has its individual functionality to inspire you in your day to day life. One of the key lighting trends for 2018 include the sophisticated balance between nature and fantasy.

Finding the right approach to suit your taste is key to strike the perfect balance of luxury and practicality. This season’s trends provide you with innovative designs that combine tradition and modernity to transform the lighting in your home.


Lighting trends in 2018: tradition, fantasy and nature

Delicate golden cascades of light – the modern chandelier

Golden tones give a sun-like reflective glow during the day. Balancing that with the warm ambience they provide at night, make this an all-time favourite colour palette in interior design.

The signature themes of the Re-Cyclos project are rooted in regeneration and evolution within nature. In their collaboration with German artist Bobo Sperlein two collections of chandeliers were born, one inspired by fairies and one by leaves.


Each handcrafted porcelain fairy is enhanced with the luminosity of gold to create a dream world in the Niagara version of the chandelier. Fairies are seemingly brought to life with the use of the latest fibre-optic technology to create subtle points of cascading light.

Lighting trends 2018: Classic monochrome with a modern twist

Monochrome is a timeless yet relevant lighting trend in 2018. This trend is apparent in the world’s most popular stage, fashion week, and transcends into luxury home decor as the style that represents power by using strict purity of the black and white combination.

Asian tradition in contemporary lamps

The Japanese inspired Hairstyle Lamp has the ability to transform any strict black and white interior into a more fluid and romantic feel with its unique dancing porcelain shapes and its ability to slide luminosity off its edges.

Equally, housed in an interior that is infused with a more colourful palette or backdrop, oriental inspired lamps have a balancing ability the room with the clean lines of their design. Some more ornate design act as interesting accent points.

Enhancing a minimalist contemporary interior trend with accent colours is a great way to warm up the room. Try adding the exclusivity and functionality of a lamp in combination with handcrafted porcelain figurines to create interest points centred in sophistication in your decor.

Romantic hanging lamps


A modern take on the classic romanticism style is ever popular, also in lighting trends for 2018.

Combining fantasy and natural motifs is what the Naturofantastic collection does effortlessly. The hanging lamps cast a magical glow on your furniture and create a warming ambience in any room. Their classic and unassuming shapes blend nicely in a multitude of interior design styles, creating a welcoming atmosphere with a calming effect.

Experimenting with asymmetry when installing hanging lights creates a modern contemporary twist.

There are a multitude of lamps and decor across the 2018 collections that are inspired by nature, some subtle and some more exuberant, ultimately transforming your home into a luxury haven.


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