An Enduring Classic: Deco Furniture and Design

Historically, Deco furniture includes both new art deco inspired pieces and true antiques. Black lacquer, inlaid wood, geometric profiles offset by neutrals as well as more exotic finishings were immensely popular. Today, the refined classic modernism of deco style endures and has become a fixture of the luxury design world. Some designers use art deco as jumping off point, they begin with the rectangular form, and embellish the deco furniture piece with ornate decorations or bold colour.


Deco Furniture: An International Style

Art deco is an international style dating to 1925-1940, and includes decorative arts, furniture, art, and architecture.


For their stylish and sleek interiors, early twentieth century art deco designers frequently used geometric shapes and expansive curves, a reflection of lines of the Cubist painting of early twentieth century artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Additional fine art inspiration came from Italian Futurism, Cubism, Russian Constructivism, and industrial and technical innovation in the fields of aviation and architecture.


Deco Furniture: Inspired by Art

deco furniture

Fine art was historically a key part of interior decor and architecture during the heyday of art deco. So many deco buildings and home featured sculpture, murals, and artisan glass and metalwork elements.  In fact, elegant elongated forms were popular during the art deco era, a reflection of the stylized imagery of art nouveau, now streamlined and modernised, like this refined yet graceful Lladró lamp by Javier Molina in the form of a woman in a peaceful meditative pose.


An Eclectic yet Refined Mix of Cultures, Styles and Materials

deco furniture

In the early twentieth century art deco era, Interior décor often included use of luxury materials such as exotic animal figurines, furs and leather, ivory, molded glass, jade, silver, metallic paints, lacquer, aluminum, plastic, and inlaid wood. Designers also loved to borrow elements from Asia, Greek architecture, Egyptian art, and Aztec design. This beautiful vignette is wonderful example of a very modern curation of elements of deco merged with contemporary furniture and bold wall coverings.   


Contemporary Deco Furniture and Design

In the 1930s and 1940s, Deco interiors were so often embellished geometric shapes and lines such as chevrons, trapezoids, triangles, zigzag lines, and expansive curves reflecting the reconstructed forms of Cubist painting.

deco furniture

This room encapsulates the contemporary take on deco furniture and deco stye.

Combine classically inspired nudes, modern vases with retro Asian inspired furnishings, geometric patterns and statement lighting.

Today, contemporary luxury design often takes it cues from the imaginative deco style, exemplified in the design work of interior decorators who combine fine art and design from all over the world, mid-century modernist pieces and the luxury style of Art Deco beautifully.