Art with Light: Working with a Certified Lighting Designer

Light is one of the most important elements of a living space. Like water and warmth, it nourishes, comforts and promotes well-being. Therefore, when considering interior design in the home, light should be a central concern. In order to achieve the best possible lighting design concept, you may wish to hire a Certified Lighting Designer.

The Certified Lighting Designer certification system was conceived by the International Association of Lighting Designers as a benchmark for excellence. Certified Lighting Designers are individuals who have proven that they can lead on lighting design for architectural projects with the utmost professionalism and creativity.

There are a number of reasons why it may be beneficial to hire an independent lighting consultant for your architectural or interior design project. Here, find out more about how a Certified Lighting Designer can transform interiors.

The Importance of Hiring a Lighting Designer

certified lighting designer

Lighting design blends a constantly evolving set of skills encompassing art, science, design and technology. Furthermore, illumination is a transient, ephemeral medium. As such, light is a technically challenging yet astonishing material, which requires exceptional vision and skill to master.

When executed with imagination, creativity and expertise, a lighting designer can influence the entire ambience of a space. Therefore, lighting design has become a crucial component of architecture and interior design, complementing scale, form and color, far beyond the practical concern of visibility.


Due to the complexity of lighting design, hiring a Certified Lighting Designer can be extremely beneficial to a project. Not only will an independent lighting consultant bring creativity and flair, they will also contribute a detailed knowledge of physics, ergonomics and sustainable design. As a result, a hiring a Certified Lighting Designer could be the difference between a well-designed interior and perfection.

Benefits of Beautiful Lighting Design

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As inferred above, there are a number of benefits of beautiful lighting design. Perhaps most importantly, a well illuminated living space will substantially improve well-being. For instance, good lighting design will promote visual comfort, improve moods and increase energy levels.

Furthermore, good lighting design will complement architectural and interior design features. For example, an imaginative lighting design concept will accentuate the form, composition and style of an interior. These strategies are useful for both period and contemporary structures, as lighting can highlight historically significant or technologically innovative design. 

In addition, good lighting design will also have financial and environmental benefits. An experienced lighting consultant will undoubtedly inform you as to what technology and fixtures will be the most economically and environmentally sustainable.

Selecting a Certified Lighting Designer

certified lighting designer

It is possible to consult the roster of Certified Lighting Designers via the CLD website. There are a number of Certified Lighting Designers working for consultancies and design firms globally, including across North America, Europe and Asia.

Some Certified Lighting Designers only work on large commercial commissions. However, some of this large-scale work is excellent inspiration for a smaller projects. For example, the Office for Visual Interaction have created lighting design concepts for several notable Zaha Hadid masterpieces.

However, there are a number of CLDs who create beautiful lighting designs for residential properties. For instance, Certified Lighting Designer Rosemarie Allaire has created stunning contemporary lighting concepts for homes across California. Another example is Australian designer Mirjam Roos, whose impressive portfolio includes the iconic St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, designed by legendary Danish architect Arne Jacobsen.

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