Artisan luxury table lamps: valuing the handmade.

When carefully constructing a room that resembles a visual masterpiece in decor, unifying charm, relaxation and family values packaged in sophistication and interior splendour, the impact of a luxury table lamp is not to be ignored.

So often interior styles are homogenised, colour schemes repeated and art works reproduced. In search of excitement, something unique, perhaps a conversation starter, inserting the perfect bespoke high end designer table lamp could be the injection of charm to set your home apart.

You can’t buy love, but you can buy handmade… and it’s kind of the same thing” – unknown

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Handmade luxury table lamps brands invigorating your interior

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David Hunt Lighting

British brand David Hunt Lighting has been a leader in handmade lighting for over a hundred years. Their life-like Antler collection is individually crafted, innovatively mastered and skilfully 


painted. With the appeal being in its striking design and neutral colour palette, this collection of high end designer table lamps compliments a multitude of interior decor settings. Colonial and countryside decors are especially augmented by the Antler Rustic table lamp with its bronze finish.


The charming whimsical elements of the Mademoiselle collection juxtaposed with the architectural precision of the Belle de Nuit collection demonstrates the expertise of the artists at Lladró. The collection of luxury table lamps are porcelain masterpieces combining pioneering, modern techniques with traditional values for a uniquely eclectic and exquisitely sophisticated finish to your home decor.

Mario Bottiglieri

Renowned Italian interior designer Mario Bottiglieri has gained recognition for his artistic concepts combining Neapolitan traditions with contemporary style.

His collection is displayed on Artemest and the recurring theme that sets him apart in his designs is the central theme of the egg that all his creations are based around.

His wooden high end designer table lamps come with a shade lined with hand-sewn silk

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Size and height of your high end designer table lamps

Always ensure your lamp is proportional in relation to the size of the room and in relation to the furniture surrounding it.

Another factor to consider is what the purpose of the lamp is:

  • Is the lamp in itself a statement piece? Search for lamps with unusual shapes and distinctive features.
  • Is its purpose to provide a warming glow in the evenings? Lumens levels of the bulb used are as important as the lamp itself as the light creates the atmosphere.
  • Is it more of a functional lamp used for reading? Opting for a bulb with 50 lumens would provide ample brightness for reading.

Positioning the lamp

The bottom of the lampshade should sit slightly below eye level allowing for increased comfort as the light would shine on the book pages instead of in your eyes. So make sure you measure your table height and determine a comfortable seating position when choosing your ideal luxury table lamp.

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