Avant Garde Table Lamp Shades

Luxury table lamps and table lamp shades  are artworks in their own right. As coveted decorative and functional items they are absolutely essential to any room’s style whether a living room, office or study, home library, bedroom or even a foyer. Carefully placed table lamps can create a sense of ambience and coziness, and much of high end lighting is considered as artwork in itself. In many ways choosing a new table lamp is a sure way to update your space and own a unique artwork.

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Enjoy this gallery of top styles in artistic and avant garde luxury table lamps and table lamp shades for new trends and innovative visions.

Luxury Table Lamps and Table Lamp Shades- An Art Deco Aesthetic

Table-Lamps, Luxury-Table-Lamps, table lamps

A vignette featuring art deco patterning offset with iconic mid century modern style brass and marble tables and a pair of gorgeous luxury table lamps in black.


Juan Ignacio Aliena’s Horse on Courbette and Horse on Pirouette  are perfect for the equestrian lover. These black, white and gold  lamps artfully combine art deco and neoclassical motifs with the most modern of streamlined design aesthetics.

Luxury Table Lamps – Classical Elegance

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Inventive luxury table lamps and elegant table lamp shades also have a place in traditional or classical interior décor. A monochromatic room in the palest of tones such as dove gray, white, cream and white is beautifully accented by the Pensive Greyhound lamp. José Luis Santes’s elegant sculpture in the round acts as an artwork in itself while fulfilling its function as a bespoke lighting piece.

Fantastic Visions – Surreal Luxury Table Lamps

Table-Lamps, Luxury-Table-Lamps, table lamp shades, table lamps

These porcelain multi-color and gold Naturo Table Lamps are somewhere between the fanciful undulations of art nouveau botanical and vegetal artwork and surrealist practice. luxury tabletop lamps blend artisan perfectionism with unbridled imagination. An eclectic mixture of Asian inspired decorative elements, art deco, modernist and contemporary motifs all come together in this gorgeous room that is absolutely resplendent in color and has a superbly luxurious feel.

The Statement Piece

Table-Lamps, Luxury-Table-Lamps, table lamps

Standout pieces like The Dragon and Phoenix top the list for premiere luxury table lamp selections. Opulently colored with an exotic classicism that draws from Asian traditions this lamp is a sculptural porcelain rendition of the iconic dragon and phoenix motif so famously used in ancient and modern Chinese fine art and decorative arts. Both these creatures are auspicious symbols and were often seen as a pair in artwork made for the empress and emperor. The dragon was commonly used as a symbol of aristocracy and the phoenix is an emblem of good fortune as well and is considered to be a benevolent creature, and when shown with dragon the are a symbol of a perfect marriage.

Whatever one’s style or interest in a particular culture or era of design, luxury table lamps are a perfect way to bring the world of artwork and fine design into your living space as well as complete or update a decorative theme.

Today, truly unusual or artistic decorative choices make a room unique and stand out – and so avant garde styles are the most important trend today in luxury table lamps and lighting. Be inspired by this gallery of fine artistic pieces that break the rules with new and creative interpretations of emblems and motifs from all over the world.

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