Be Inspired: Dramatic Italian Designer Dining Tables

Dontella Versace once said, “I think glamour all the time. I wake up in the morning and I’m already thinking glamour.” These words, spoken by a true fashion icon, embody the Italian design sensibility. In the world of Italian interior design, the Italians have always been convinced that whoever said “less is more” was grossly misinformed. When applied to interior design, this theory extends to all aspects of the home – and most importantly, in areas for entertaining. Here, discover more about the most luxurious Italian interior design houses and the dramatic, decadent designer dining tables they have to offer.

Designer dining tables: The Finest Italian Marble

designer dining tables

Whether mined in the historic quarries of Carrara or extracted from the legendary quarry of Candoglia, Italian marble is the most prized stone in the world. Used first in ancient Rome, the material has lost none of its prestige and glamour since the ancients began mining marble over two thousand years ago. Forever a symbol of exquisite taste, marble is beautiful, classic and exceedingly hardy.


Marble is an important aspect of Italian national identity and is, therefore, the signature material of Italian design. Due to its beauty and longevity, marble is a stunning material for designer dining tables. Whether a single slab positioned on classic brass or golden legs, or a dramatic all-marble statement piece, marble dining tables are sure to make an impression. For example, this white Carrara marble table by Nella Vetrina is a breathtaking centerpiece for intimate dinners

Decadent Gold Detailing

designer dining tables

No material oozes glamour like gold. As the Italians think glamour morning, noon and night, they believe there’s no item of furniture in the home that couldn’t be improved with a touch of gold. However, don’t read gaudy or kitsch – in Italian design, gold is applied with precision, sophistication and refinement. Therefore, many Italian designers are master postmodernists. For instance, Dontella Versace’s late, great brother Gianni described his approach to design as “I am a little like Marco Polo, going around and mixing cultures”.

Therefore, when matching classic materials like deep ebony, pure white marble or gold, the rules of Italian design dictate the lines should be clean, crisp and modern. For instance, thiese round luxury dining tables by Versace Home blends organic forms with clean lines expertly. Alternatively, for those who favor geometry over curvature, this gorgeous asymmetric table by Marioni incorporates gold, ebony and marble veneer.

Intricately Carved Designer Dining Tables

designer dining tables

Due to their playful, creative approach to furnishings, Italian interior designers are the most adept at creating pieces that seamlessly marry classic and contemporary styles. Executed with humor, finesse and most importantly, unapologetic glamour, Italian design houses create classic wooden designer dining tables with an innovative, modern twist.

For example, Chelsea-based, high-end interior designers Juliette stock numerous luxury dining tables. Incorporating classic Baroque and Rococo silhouettes with contemporary lacquered finishes, their whole range of Italian designer furniture is thoroughly glamorous. For a traditional wooden dining table with a contemporary finish, invoking all the playfulness and humor of the Italian postmodern sensibility, place an order for one of their bespoke contemporary Italian white lacquered dining tables.

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