Blending ultraviolet with your luxury living room furniture

Ultraviolet, the Pantone colour of 2018, has mystical qualities bringing calmness and spirituality to your luxury living room furniture while instantly updating your interior decor.

“Purple is the colour for royalties, it stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also the colour of passion, romance and sensitivity– Unknown

Adding ultraviolet to your luxury living room furniture makes this colour both timeless and contemporary

Ultraviolet accents

luxury living room furniture

If you are not quite ready for a complete overhaul of your living room and have already invested in luxury living room furniture pieces that you do not wish you add furniture to, the best way to incorporate the trend is with ultraviolet accents.

The most predictable accent is the addition of a luxurious cushion or throw blanket. These will be readily available in stores as the ultraviolet trend takes off.


This rich and mysterious tone of purple with its blue undertones would suite a midnight blue colour scheme wondrously. Think of it as the melted chocolate centre in your chocolate fondant dessert; it is indulgent, surprising and a breath of fresh air.

In a bright and exotic interior scheme, scatter cushions in tropical colours such as yellow and green alongside the ultraviolet exude a self-expression centred in bold confidence. Adding opulent touches of golden accessories alongside your luxury living room furniture, allows these rich colours to really come to life.

If timeless taupe or grey is your decor staple but you are longing for some spring/ summer freshness as we get through the winter season, try adding cushions in different shades of the ultraviolet.

The ombré trend continues to be in fashion in 2018 and is a subtle way to ease yourself into this colour while achieving your contemporary dream living room.

Taking the trend a little further

luxury living room furniture

If you are more adventurous by nature, why not replace a single armchair or sofa in your luxury living room furniture set with a tufted, ultraviolet suede or velvet one for a time-honoured twist? This exciting and dramatic blend keeps your dream living room look fully in line with current decor trend. You can always neutralise or soften the colourful effect by adding a muted taupe or grey cushion, should you so wish.

Why not allow your imagination to run wild by vamping up the look: a contrasting cushion is especially chic if an equally statement fabric or print is used for the cushion, such an animal print.

This is the year of individualism and personalisation. A little colour goes a long way in putting your own stamp on trends while proudly showcasing a reinvigorated dream living room.