Bold, Brave Color: How to Create Harmony in Interior Design

As stark white rooms and cream furnishings become all the more predictable, bold, brave color in interior design is having a renaissance. Despite this, many will shy away from bright color when decorating their homes, for fear of making the wrong match. However, by following a very simple set of rules, creating harmony in interior design with bold color is easy – resulting in chic, unusual interiors.

They say opposites attract, and to create  color harmony in interior design all that needs to be done is to choose your color and find its opposite. This is done using a simple diagram known as a color wheel. To identify a color’s opposite – known as its ‘complementary’ color – consult the diagram and see which colors are across from each other. By employing color theory, finding complementary color combinations is a simple and beautiful way to create stunning interiors. Below are some winning combinations to spark the imagination.

Playful Pastels: Pink and Green

harmony in interior design

For those with reservations about embracing brights, opting for pastel tones is a soft, chic solution. Furthermore, if you’re in the early stages of experimenting with color in your home, choose a main color for the walls then accessorize with furnishings and ornamentation to create harmony in interior design. For example, accent your primary color with a statement light fixture, painting or cushions in a complementary color.


For a pastel color combination that’s playful and feminine yet bold and daring, choose pink and green. The acidity of the green will pep up the pink, creating a look that’s vivacious, fun and thoroughly contemporary. Although the combination may seem counterintuitive compared to the perhaps more obvious combination of pink and blue, the result is fresh and modern, as opposed to chintzy or saccharine.

Rich and Regal: Blue and Red

harmony in interior design

When combining warm and cool tones, choose rich, bold hues. For instance, an ideal color match is deep blues and rusty reds. A combination frequently found in Persian rugs and Afghan Kilims, warm russets and rich blues are perfect for creating bold, bright interiors reminiscent of a Moroccan medina. Teamed with elegant, carved furnishing in dark woods, this color combination will bring all of the glamour of an Oriental palace to your home.

Furthermore, when accessorizing in blues and reds, choose opulent, sumptuous fabrics. Look for curtains and throw pillows in soft cotton velvets and silks to create romance, texture and intrigue. Alongside the rustic weave of an Afghan Kilim, you can create harmony in interior design through contrasting textures as well as contrasting color.

Classic Harmony in Interior Design: Monochrome

harmony in interior design

The classic bold, contrasting combination is black and white. To make a statement in monochrome, look for geometric shapes on rugs, furnishings – and for the especially adventurous – applied onto walls. For example, black and white stripes or checks on a feature wall are inventive, contemporary and stylish. Look to abstract artists like Bridget Riley and Agnes Martin for inspiration.

To pack extra punch, accent your monochrome interior with the primary colors of red, blue and yellow. Against a stark black and white background, accessories like vases, cushions and light fixtures look stunning in royal blue, sunshine yellow and pillar box red, creating perfect color harmony in interior design through bold, brave contrast.