Simple Luxury with Candle Jars

The simple addition of candle jars can make a space glow, decorate and give a personal touch. Artisan designed porcelain candle jars are a simple way to add romance, ambience, and fragrance to a room, and they can truly mark a special occasion. They make perfect gifts and illuminate your events, family gatherings, and quiet moments.

A favorite among designers and decorators alike candle jars are a “go to” gift idea and an easy way to spruce up a room. Luxury selections in the finest fragrances, containers and colours mean delightfully unique decorative ideas and lovely presents as well.  Whatever you select, candle jars are perfect for holidays, hosts and hostesses, birthdays and just because moments.

candle jar

Architectural Candle Jars

Candle Jars

Inspired by the legendary story of One Thousand and One Nights, this is a highly unusual gift -a candle jar for the discerning type. The Turquoise Spire Candle 1001 Lights in the Unbreakable Spirit Scent marries history, tradition and modern porcelain craftsmanship to create a meaningful and innovative work of art.


This special series is a true collector’s favourite and is easily used as a lovely box for keepsakes when the wax has melted away.

Beautiful Gift Ideas for a Modern Fresh Look

Candle Jars

Curate your tabletop with stacked books, fresh cuttings, flowers, and branches in the garden style, accent with lovely candle jars, and fragrances. This nordic inspired space is a delight -the contrast of neutrals with porcelain details. These porcelain cherubs are ideal for Mother’s Day, Birthday’s or as a “just because gift.”

The Prettiness of Porcelain – Candle Jars

Candle Jar

The Echoes of Nature Candle – A Secret Orient Scent -lovely porcelain white and blue porcelain candle jar decorated with geometric floral designs in pale scalloped shapes, a beautiful evocative sense of the natural world in one tiny object. The series comes in a wide variety of subtle whites accented with colourful lids. Porcelain as a special precious quality that means every gift becomes a keepsake, a true treasure to last a lifetime. 

Candle Jar Arrangements for a Romantic Spring 

It’s easy to envision  your spring time living room, awash in light accented with soft furnishings, modern tables and finished off with light blues, pinks and spring time whites -all complementing the lovely array of fine candle jars. This collection includes the humorous and modern Nose Candles as well as the romantic Missing You candle jars with the charming porcelain angel tops. Talk about fantastic conversation pieces for your favorite host.

Decorate an Evening Tabletop with Candle Jars

Candle Jar

Imagine a lovely outdoor meal in the warmer months, add natural dried rustic style flowers loosely cut and displayed, add candle jars for mood and light, and it’s a perfect setting of intimacy and style.This eclectic setting has a special warmth to it, inviting and celebratory. The refinement of wood with porcelain and glass is charming indeed.

Decorator’s Everyday Tip: Finish your space with fragrances and candle jars. And, whatever style one prefers the candle jar is an ideal present for whomever you chose or even yourself when you need something special to make your space more charming. For more little gift ideas visit our curated collection.

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