High end furniture brands: Chic dinner party ideas

Often the most anticipated space for home entertaining is the dining room. This is where the guests can indulge in the culinary delights of the chef and the host can show off their taste in decadent furniture and exquisite ambience. Here are some concepts to inspire you in revamping your dining room using high end furniture brands for your dining room.


High end dining room furniture brands

Scandinavian minimalism


The Scandinavian minimalist style, simplicity and clean lines brings a sense of purity in the home.
The architectural nature of designs using mostly pale wood is synonymous with ultra contemporary interiors and lends itself to exquisite ambient lighting or stylish plants to liven it up.


B&B Italia teamed up with Belgian Architect Vincent Van Duysen to create an exclusive limited range. The Oskar dining table is considered the masterpiece in their collaboration with Van Duysen describing his work as a “combination of fluidity, sensuality and expression through materials”.

High end furniture brands: Italian decadence

high end furniture brands

Porada has an exquisite way of embodying Italian sophistication. This company is a leading high end dining room furniture brand that prides itself in turning solid wood into unique pieces of wonderfully crafted works of art that flow effortlessly in the practical functions of day to day life, as seen in, for example, the Anxie chair. Be sure to explore the Stefano Bigi range for Porada which will surely be a talking point at any dinner party if it finds itself at the centre of your dining room.

High end furniture brands: The blank canvas

high end furniture brands

Poliform has been a leader in home decor concepts surrounding elegance and contemporary designs for over 45 years and lends itself as the perfect backdrop for decorative additions inspired by your individuality. Japanese inspired central vocal points such as the Lladró- Hina Dolls, belonging to the High Porcelain category, is a work of art that would balance and enhance the blank canvas of its surroundings effortlessly.

Comfort and space creating

high end furniture brands

The ability to combine style and comfort is the aspiration of many and achieved by few. Bontempi Casa is a high end furniture brand offering a range of luxurious dining chairs in a variety of finishes, often with wooden or metal bases and frames combined with the comfort of a cushioned leather or fabric seat and backrest. Also their dining tables give a sense of space as seen in the Majesty table with its intricate base design of seemingly woven metal topped with a glass surface which is available in a multitude of colours.

Homely and cosy

high end furniture brands

Oka offers a fairly wide range of furnishings that embody the 3 C’s: class, confidence and cosines. Whether you are after a country house feel or a sleek townhouse look, their extensive use of cushions and fabrics in every room bring a level of comfort and warmth to your home, creating a very welcoming feel. Many of their chairs and tables stand as a blank canvas giving you the possibility to customise the look and feel through the use of fabrics and cushions.

Remember whatever interior style suits your taste, the use of ambient lighting and plants or flowers will transform your decor into a welcoming space instantaneously.