Chinese interior design: style, heritage and significance.

Detailed and dramatic decor influenced by culture and heritage balanced with zen ideologies is what Chinese interior design prides itself in. Much thought and effort goes into the auspicious, positive energy felt in every inch of the room.

chinese interior design

Dissecting the key elements of the wondrous Chinese interior design

Key characteristics

A room embodying Chinese interior design is predominantly bold and brightly coloured.

More recently muted colour palettes with traditional elements combined with lux furniture has become the contemporary approach, forming the perfect marriage of modernity and cultural significance.


In both approaches the natural flow and harmony is what all variations of this decor style have in common.

Beit pompously or subtly, the colour red is significant in Chinese culture. Red is believed to bring prosperity and good fortune to the home.

Intricate wooden carvings are used as decorative room dividers distinguishing one area from another. Often these carvings are painted in red or black lacquer.

The Oriental Vase Sculpture depicts many elements of Chinese decor beautifully, the fluid shape of this high porcelain vase is skillfully hand painted with the vibrant gold, red and black with legendary dragons on either side symbolising power, strength and good luck.

Wall decor

Wall panels with silk embroideries respecting ancient traditions are a modern approach to the murals often found in Chinese interior design.

Detailed and ornate murals are hand painted most popularly with motifs of koi carp fish, birds, dragons and exotic flowers or at times entire mythological stories are depicted in the most vibrant of ways.

Calligraphy is another important ancient Chinese tradition often immortalised on the walls.

Swords or ‘Jian’ are often displayed on walls, these are of great historical significance and are often referred to as “swords of wisdom”. The Ancient Dynasty Warrior Figurine is the perfect accompaniment for lovers of traditional Chinese martial art.

Lux furniture

Although there are many decorative elements to Chinese interior design, everything has its place and enhances the natural flow of the room, decor and furniture is characterised by compact designs.  Architectural lux furniture characterised by smooth surfaces and rounded corners are some of its key elements.

Low ornate wooden coffee tables often with pillows for seating around the table are not unusual.

Sideboards or cabinets are also decorative in nature often with Chinese writing carved into the doors or hand painted with traditional symbols of prosperity, similar to those of the murals.

Opulent lighting and accessories

chinese interior design


The Dragon and Phoenix table lamp hand sculpted in porcelain adds to the sophistication and opulence of the room. With its lamp shape resembling the age old Chinese lantern. This lamp is the perfect addition to the Chinese style decorated room.

With gold being a key accent colour in Chinese interior, the limited edition Great Dragon Sculpture in golden lustre is the perfect symbolic addition to this decor.

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