Wool vs Synthetic Rugs: Contemporary Carpet Designs

Floor treatments in your home are what make it welcoming, cosy and inviting. The feeling of a soft carpet underfoot after a long day at work or on a cold night is truly luxurious. Therefore, when selecting a rug or carpet, the fabric needs to be of impeccable quality. The latest trends in rug design demand that materials are sumptuous and soft – however, it will be necessary to compare wool vs synthetic rugs to chose a carpet that’s appropriate for your living space.

For example, if the rug in question is placed in a high traffic area of the home, like the living room or the hallway, it may be necessary to consider carefully what material to use. Here, find out more about comparing wool vs synthetic rugs, without compromising on style or quality.

Persian Tradition and Elegance

wool vs synthetic rugs

A style of carpet that never goes out of fashion is the Persian rug. Ornate, glamorous and eternally elegant, a Persian rug is a central feature of any discerning antique collector’s interior. Seen in a range of colors including rich blues, deep reds and opulent golds, with enough research you are certain to find the perfect Persian rug for your living space. For instance, there are number of gorgeous authentic Persian rugs available from Rugs of London.


Despite Persian rugs being an antique classic, there are now many imitation Persian rugs on the market for those with a smaller budget. Made from synthetic fibres, these rugs are less delicate that their silk or wool counterparts, making them easier to clean. Therefore, an imitation Persian rug may be appropriate as a runner in a hallway or underneath a kitchen table. However, despite the practicality of synthetic Persian rugs, it can certainly be argued that nothing will beat the real thing.

Bright Colors and Sleek Geometry

wool vs synthetic rugs

For those wishing to create a sleek, contemporary feel, a geometric rug is the perfect way to insert a playful splash of color into an interior. There are numerous different takes on this trend, including future-retro chevrons, ultra-minimal grid patterns or Grecian inspired angular spirals. However, which ever pattern you choose, there are pros and cons when it comes to wool vs synthetic rugs.

For instance, it can be argued that nothing beats the feel of a genuine wool tufted rug. However, when creating inventive, modern patterns, many rug manufacturers will opt for synthetic fibres due to their versatility. For instance, synthetic rugs are more resistant to fading, meaning the colors stay vibrant even when exposed to direct sunlight. For instance, this geometric rug by Eicholtz will stay a true blue for years to come.

Wool vs Synthetic Rugs for Shag Pile

wool vs synthetic rugs

Long or shag pile rugs are the ultimate home accessory for warmth, cosiness and comfort. In addition, a shag pile rug can add an interesting touch of texture to an interior. Particularly well placed in a bathroom or at the foot of a bed, nothing is more luxurious than sinking one’s feet into a soft shag pile rug first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

However, due to their texture, shag pile rugs require care. Although they won’t need to look as groomed and well vacuumed as short pile rugs, to keep them free of dust and dirt they need to be regularly beaten. Furthermore, a long pile wool rug may be susceptible to mildew if placed in a moist environment. Therefore, when adding a shag pile rug to soften a bathroom, opt for synthetic fibres over wool. For example, this shaggy rug from John Lewis comes in numerous different colors, making it the perfect luxe addition to the bathroom.