Creative Trends in Luxury Home Accessories and Décor

In 2018, the most engaging trends in luxury home accessories and decor are keeping pace with the forefront of artistic and design collaborations. Colour also plays an important role in au courant décor.

One of the most innovative trends is creative pieces made and designed by top artistic minds and artisanal forces. Whether it’s adding artistic porcelain artworks to an  updated version of the popular 1980s Memphis Group style, or curating a space with classic figurines, it is certain that today artistic and creative selections are the leading trend in luxury home accessories.

Luxury-Home-Accessories, Luxury Home Accessories, Luxury Home Decor

Lladró’s Memphis Style Bedroom is playful and artistic with a luxury flair.

Luxury Home Accessories and Decor – The Pop Art Look

Luxury-Home-Accessories, Luxury Home Accessories, Luxury Home Decor

Lladró’s special collections come together to make a truly unusual and fascinating space.

Luxury home accessories and decor astound in this curated space, decorated with Memphis Group style colours, geometric and graffiti like patterning. Pops of lush hues, and bespoke artisanal porcelain pieces such as artist designed Guest figurines from the renown Spanish designer Jaime Hayón’s Lladró Atelier project. This curated arrangement gives a true sense of creative luxury.


An unexpected twist is achieved with the Ocean Chandelier, reflecting the richly hued and daring aesthetic of the famous postmodern decorative style of the Italian collective from Milan the Memphis Group, 1981-1988. Following the ideas of complete artwork environments, designer Ettore Sottsass’ work from this period included wonderfully daring furniture, fabric, and decorative objects.

Luxurious New Interpretations of Hollywood Regency Style

Luxury-Home-Accessories, Luxury Home Accessories, Luxury Home Decor

Elegantly understated with the flair of Hollywood Regency with the Parrot Parade Collection Vase.

If one’s taste tends to a more understated aesthetic, the luxury look of Hollywood regency inspired interiors has a certain appeal. One of the major trends in luxury home accessories and decor is furniture with mirrored surfaces, curvilinear tables and soft furnishings, offset with metallic accents. Neutral soft furnishings and rugs complement the retro look of Jaime Hayón’s and Alfredo Llorens’s  blue vase, and the look is complete, a perfect mixture of elegance, contemporary style and artistic creativity.

Luxury Home Accessories and Decor – New Baroque and Rococo

Luxury-Home-Accessories, Luxury Home Accessories, Luxury Home Decor

Lladró’s porcelain mirrors are a simple way to add creative luxury to a home, pair with statement wall coverings.

Colorful artistic wallpaper with ornate and layered impressions of colour and pattern create spaces that feel unique and artistic. This neo-baroque-rococo look is brought together with a delicately embellished porcelain mirror that lends a sense of creativity and history while evoking contemporary style.

Artistic Use of Colour -Pantone Colour of the Year Ultraviolet

Luxury-Home-Accessories, Luxury Home Accessories, Luxury Home Decor

DelightFULL’s Ultraviolet Hallway Dreamy Retro Inspiration combines modern geometry with refined elegance and bold colours.

Beyond artistic objects, another trend is the creative and unorthodox use of popular colour trends. This year Pantone’s colour of the year Ultraviolet is a lush yet mysterious purple. This new tone can be beautifully incorporated into rooms as a focal wall colour, in soft furnishings, textile and more. It’s uniquely artistic sensibility means it always feels luxurious.

If you are looking to update your space, there are so many choices, colour, decorations, textiles, porcelains, artwork and lighting. Whatever one chooses to embellish a space, artistic and creative luxury home accessories and decor are the most au courant trend, expressing a love of design and highly crafted objects, made for the discerning art lover and design collector.

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