Curating Elegant Spaces with Luxury Living Room Sectionals

Choosing the perfect living room sectional is a search for first and foremost, true comfort. The goal is truly unique and enduring form and style, high quality upholstery, and of course, the right configuration and measurements. Designers recommend finishing the space with dramatic lighting that centers a beautiful interior.

Enjoy this new selection of lovely soft hued spaces with outstanding modern sectionals and gorgeous lighting, and artfully arranged decor.

Using Living Room Sectionals to Divide Space

Such a magical living area situated in front of a lovely view of the garden, the contrast between natural light and the warmth of the fire is so very welcoming.


 Larger sectional couches create a divider while allowing the flow of contemporary open spaces to remain uninterrupted. They also easily create a welcoming area for family gatherings, and cocktail parties alike, whereas smaller sectional sofas can allow the cozy feel of a true living room in more confined spaces. This designer balances contemporary furnishings with the plush appeal of a soft grey couch, offset by natural accents and light neutral floor coverings and walls. Adding an area rug with minimalist furnishings make a space that might otherwise be cool truly welcoming.

Create an Oasis for your Family and Friends

living room sectionals

Scandinavian contemporary style is a favourite, these cozy low profile couches are both party and nap friendly. Simple decor includes branches in vases and a minimalist coffee table. A snowy white rug delineates the space beautifully.

living room sectionals

Adding a sectional sofa to a corner of a room makes an oasis. Living room sectionals really work for almost any interior style, traditional, eclectic, contemporary and even mid century modern. Truly beautiful sectionals can be the focal point of living spaces if well designed and and made of high end materials. In this lovely all white room, the element of gold makes a neutral room go luxury – discover the beauty of gold light fixtures to centre a living space and add bespoke flair.

Living room sectionals: Using Furniture to Designate Living Space

living room sectionals

Love more colorful interiors? This wonderfully bespoke blue room is a lovely example of using sofas and chaise pieces to create a cozy place to socialize. Unusual forms mean an avant-garde style, and at the centre, a lovely metallic coffee table with small table Lladró lamps, as well as decorative porcelain pieces and fine art by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon.

Sectionals are the go to furnishings for all interior designers these days, they allow transitional style, comfort, flexibility and work wonderfully to divide both open space plans and small rooms and houses. Neutral colours are often the favorite but any beautiful hue is perfect. Add a unique area rug, a bespoke coffee table or chaise and a chandelier or fine ceiling light and this becomes a flawlessly curated the perfect living space.