Using elegant furniture to glorify your bathroom

No living space has evolved more than the bathroom. Over time the potential of transforming this traditionally functional room has progressed into a haven for personal care by integrating luxury accessories, interior design elements and elegant furniture. By designing a balanced sentiment between functionality and comfort, incorporating elegant furniture into this traditionally practical room of your home, you have the ability to create a luxurious living space you will not want to leave.


Elegant furniture: Designing a versatile bathroom by combining sophisticated materials 

Marrying different natural materials

Visually fusing together a balance of wood with sophisticated tiling is a great way of designing a canvas that lends itself to the addition of elegant furniture. Choosing a stylish vanity unit is one of the most essential furniture pieces that creates a luxurious focal point. Dressing this with candles or ambient lighting designs really establishes a sense of grace, while adding plants or fresh flowers enhance the fundamental trend of incorporating nature in the bathroom design.

Harmonising marble and leather

elegant furniture

Marble is considered a timeless muse in interior design, nowhere more so than in the bathroom. To advance this cold, stone trend into a sanctuary with a warm and welcoming sentiment, it is essential to embrace luxury accessories and elegant furniture designs.


Attaching a leather sofa or arm chair to the marble space signifies instant opulence. This affluent look is consummated with the insertion of a soft rug, luxury bathroom linen and the ever-striking chandelier.

Elegant furniture design: The baroque style


Arguably the most theatrical bathroom trend of all is the baroque style.
The fluid design of the porcelain bathtub combined with its decorative metal legs are the quintessential piece of elegant furniture, integral to the glamour of this decor. Completing the matching baroque style bathroom suite creates a spectacular haven for ultimate luxury. For added allure, incorporate elements such as mosaic tiles and wall chandeliers which compliment trend.

Elegant furniture: The brightening effect


When opting for a minimalist style bathroom, natural light is essential to highlight its components of natural shapes, neutral colours and matte finishes. As this style contains very few elements and accessories, the ones that are featured tend to be oversized. Mirrors have a brightening and expansive effect on the room and add an elegant touch to the space, feel free to experiment with large mirror designs; generous detailed silver frames would compliment the neutral scenery effortlessly. Choosing elegant furniture designs for your storage characterised by geometric shapes will evoke a sense of tranquility and fluidity.

To establish the perfect equilibrium for a luxury bathroom, key elegant furniture designs drive the decor for a distinguished bathroom. Balancing the enticing chair, the welcoming vanity unit, the spectacular bathtub and the elegant bathroom storage with the feminine qualities of the accessories such as the linen, rugs and plants are key to create your personal home luxury spa.