Emphasise your interior design with trendy wallpaper

Determining whether you want your walls to personify a seamless backdrop to your decor or a more featured, impactful statement to mark the individuality in your home, is the first step in choosing the perfect trendy wallpaper matched with your taste. How you incorporate a variety of exuberant trendy wallpaper for home will shape the sentiment you wish to omit when entering the room.


Establishing an emotion through trendy wallpaper for your home

Using print and reflective wallpaper for proportional balance

Opting for prints and reflective patterned design will promote proportional balance on the room. This is most effective in large open plan spaces where each area has its individual requirements to suit your needs.
Choosing trendy wallpaper for your home is the quintessential process to stamp your personality on the interior design scheme of your home.


Wallpaper aides with creating a transitional effect in a space that is challenged by a combination of the ceilings being relatively low and the natural light coming from one side and angle only. This provides brightness is one area of the room but doesn’t allow the natural light to travel to other areas effectively in an open plan space.

By creating feature panels in a bright, reflective trendy wallpaper print and carrying on this panelling element in, for example the dining room it makes the most of the illuminance of the print while providing the dining space with the brightening effect it requires.

The lighting design will also substantially influence the appearance of lifting the ceiling and brightening the room. By having concealed LED lights around the perimeter of the ceiling, it provides the space with an organic glow, giving the illusion of height, while downlighters amplify the reflective qualities in the trendy wallpaper.

Bold prints in small spaces

trendy wallpaper

Using bold and bright prints in small living spaces can have a claustrophobic effect. But these trendy wallpaper designs are perfect for creating interest and excitement in spaces that are not traditionally seen as evoking much anticipation at all.

Imagine a bright and bold statement wallpaper print in a downstairs lavatory, adding an element of surprise. This is the perfect space to let your creativity run wild. Combining this with golden or silver toned fixtures, beautiful floor tiles and subtle wall lights as seen in the image above will glamourise this unassuming powder room into a luxurious and sophisticated little sanctuary.

Ceiling feature

trendy wallpaper

Having a statement ceiling is a contemporary approach to incorporating trendy wallpaper in your home. If you are not quite ready for a bold print, opting for a neutral colour palette while introducing textures is a sophisticated and timeless approach to the trend. Adding a textured print to the ceiling in a darker tone than the surrounding walls, will give the room a widening appearance. While opting for tonal and muted colours in the interior design concept, the ideal fashion of adding luxury elements is in the accessories, soft fabrics and textures of the details.

With the minimalist approach, the emphasis is on comfort and elegance without too much distraction. The natural texture and colour of this trendy wallpaper design on the ceiling will add an organic and warming sentiment to the design of the room.

Integrating the perfect trendy wallpaper for your home is a journey of discovering the sentiments you want to evoke when entering a room. Balancing that with the desire to highlight certain features of your interior design, is the quest for an ultra luxury experience of your home, when closing the door to the outside world.

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