Establish your dream living room inspired by nature and closeness

The quest is to create a dream living room where you can simply sit back and relax on some days, host a cocktail party on another, play board games with your children or doze off while watching a movie in comfort, is a key living room goal to aspire to.

This is arguably the most versatile room in your home and there are some fundamental elements that add to the enthralling nature of this space.

A living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – temple of the soul” – Terence Conran

Elementary requirements for promoting openness and fluidity within your dream living room.


Dream living rooms: Luxurious draping

Having an abundance of natural light is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also has considerable impact on your mood. Floor to ceiling curtains look refined and contribute to the appearance of higher ceilings with their sharp vertical lines.


In smaller living rooms, consider oversized draping in lightweight fabrics for a relaxed atmosphere, especially when they dance in the breeze of an open window. Designers Guild has a plethora of sumptuous fabrics to choose from.


Dream living rooms: Seating arrangement

dream living rooms

Make the space breathable by opting for luxurious sofas without armrests, encouraging a welcoming appeal that can be appreciated from any angle.

Whilst we all expect a sofa to be the centre piece of any room, it could easily be a collection of stylish armchairs, arranged in a manner to promote conversation. Add to this individualistic appeal by opting for armchairs in statement colours. Velvet fabrics remain a growing trend in interiors as we enter 2018.

Fendi Casa’s latest collection of distinctive home furnishings is inspired by iconic global travel destinations, giving you living room goals to aspire to. In this Fendi Case “Il Viaggio” interior design story the colour palette is classic but the intrigue is in the detail.


Dream living rooms: Completing the look

dream living rooms

The Verona or Porto marble coffee tables by Amode complete the functional elements of the room lavishly. Integrate sculptures and vases to emulate your fondest memories and subtly guide visitors through the space without feeling crowded.

Architectural fireplaces are the ultimate contemporary interior design statement, instantly adding a welcoming atmosphere and sensuality with the golden tones they transmit which will reflect elegantly over the layers of plush cushions, luxury throws and designer rugs.

Place beautifully matured and oversized plants in the corner that your eyes are instantly drawn to as you enter the room. Playing with the configuration of these plants is an easy way to refresh the look of your dream living room with minimal disruption.

A  dream living room contains furniture that is not only functional but also promote closeness such as gathering around a sculpted fireplace. The configuring of these elements seemingly speak to each other as the luxury draping and plants add warmth and movement.