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High End Furniture Manufacturers

Top Creative High End Furniture Manufacturers

The Creative World of High End Furniture Manufacturers Contemporary design conscious high end furniture manufacturers are distinguished by an imaginative vision of every day functional household pieces, think regally conceived bedroom suites, modernist and inventive cabinets, consoles, sofas and chairs, as well as incredible dining sets with gorgeous chairs and elegant tables. The best of […]

poliform closets

Modular fitted Poliform closets and adding complementing accessories.

The compositional versatility of each of their designs has ensured poliform closets have remained an uncompromised leader in their field since it was established in 1970 by cousins Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani. This family business has been going from strength to strength due to the impeccable quality and design innovation that is […]

designer dining table

Be Inspired: Dramatic Italian Designer Dining Tables

Dontella Versace once said, “I think glamour all the time. I wake up in the morning and I’m already thinking glamour.” These words, spoken by a true fashion icon, embody the Italian design sensibility. In the world of Italian interior design, the Italians have always been convinced that whoever said “less is more” was grossly misinformed. […]

luxury coffee tables

Luxury Coffee Tables: Iconic Mid-Century Design

As seasons pass, trends come and go. However, if there is one design style that can be described as truly iconic and timeless, it’s mid-century modernism. Since the first modernist designs were created in the Bauhaus and the studio of Le Corbusier, the style developed into a movement that defined the 40s and 50s. Now, mid-century […]

living room furniture stores

5 distinctive living room furniture stores and their iconic design collections

Decorating your living room is a work of love. While finding the perfect furniture pieces to represent your style and values is time consuming, it need not be stressful. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of leading living room furniture stores, each with their own individual style statements and areas of expertise […]

luxury living room furniture

Blending ultraviolet with your luxury living room furniture

Ultraviolet, the Pantone colour of 2018, has mystical qualities bringing calmness and spirituality to your luxury living room furniture while instantly updating your interior decor. “Purple is the colour for royalties, it stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also the colour of passion, romance and sensitivity” – Unknown Adding ultraviolet to your luxury […]

high end beds

French Château Romanticism: High End Beds, Furniture and Sheets

The French countryside is peppered with beautiful, antiquated mansions set in sprawling gardens. However, the turbulent history of the French Revolution and the subsequent fate of the landed gentry means that many have had a chequered history. Despite this, much of their pastoral, rustic charm is what gives these properties their je n’ai c’est quoi. […]

luxury sofa

Luxury sofas: 5 timeless styles

There are endless options for luxury sofas on the market, but some styles and brands remained desirable throughout their many years in existence, creating a benchmark for new designer sofas to follow. Here you will find the top 5 all time favourite styles and concepts to bring comfort and joy to your home as well […]

designer coffee tables

Designer Coffee Tables: Where Art Meets Function

Designer coffee tables are often the focal points of luxury and design focused interiors. Used in almost every home and office, a beautiful or daring center table promises to be an heirloom piece that brings iconic style and can knit together a space whatever your interior décor style: classic, traditional, minimalist, contemporary, and even eclectic. […]

deco furniture

An Enduring Classic: Deco Furniture and Design

Historically, Deco furniture includes both new art deco inspired pieces and true antiques. Black lacquer, inlaid wood, geometric profiles offset by neutrals as well as more exotic finishings were immensely popular. Today, the refined classic modernism of deco style endures and has become a fixture of the luxury design world. Some designers use art deco […]

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