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pros and cons of walk in tubs

Pros and Cons of Walk In Tubs: Thoroughly Luxurious or Impractical?

Sunken, walk-in bathtubs are a hallmark of luxury. Just like a swimming pool, a sunken bathtub is integrated into the floor of your bathroom, erasing the barrier between the floor and the water. A thoroughly luxurious addition to a master bathroom, walk-in bathtubs are becoming increasingly fashionable. Creating a more organic bathtime experience, sunken tubs […]

men's apartment essentials

Men’s apartment essentials: investment pieces enhancing quality of life at home

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own apartment or searching for the perfect gift, we have compiled a list of important elements to consider for some key rooms in your home that are not only men’s apartment essentials but essentials for anyone who values quality, design and elegance at home. Men’s apartment essentials: 5 […]

patterned glass

Be Inspired: Detailing and Patterned Glass in Church Conversions

Once the center of European communities, churches and cathedrals were the most imposing and opulent buildings of any town or city. Now, as congregations decline, many churches are being converted into secular spaces. Some of the most cutting-edge architectural projects have been the residential conversion of religious buildings. This is because such large, characterful spaces […]

is microfiber breathable

Is Microfiber Breathable? Traditional Material vs High-Tech Microfiber

Microfiber is becoming increasingly prevalent in the home décor industry due to its strength, versatility and softness. Woven from fibers that are less than ten micrometers or one denier in thickness – for comparison, pure silk is one and a quarter denier – microfiber can be used to create incredibly soft, silky bed sheets. Therefore, […]

wool vs synthetic rugs

Wool vs Synthetic Rugs: Contemporary Carpet Designs

Floor treatments in your home are what make it welcoming, cosy and inviting. The feeling of a soft carpet underfoot after a long day at work or on a cold night is truly luxurious. Therefore, when selecting a rug or carpet, the fabric needs to be of impeccable quality. The latest trends in rug design […]

microfiber fabric for upholstery

Microfiber Fabric for Upholstery: New Trends in Soft Furnishings

Interior designers are hailing an innovative new trend in interiors – microfiber fabric for upholstery. Although synthetic fibers are traditionally shunned by those with sophisticated tastes, microfiber is proving to be a game changer in the interior design world. This is due to its versatility, sumptuous softness and easy care. Microfiber is made from man-made […]

Candle Jars

Simple Luxury with Candle Jars

The simple addition of candle jars can make a space glow, decorate and give a personal touch. Artisan designed porcelain candle jars are a simple way to add romance, ambience, and fragrance to a room, and they can truly mark a special occasion. They make perfect gifts and illuminate your events, family gatherings, and quiet […]


Creative Trends in Luxury Home Accessories and Décor

In 2018, the most engaging trends in luxury home accessories and decor are keeping pace with the forefront of artistic and design collaborations. Colour also plays an important role in au courant décor. One of the most innovative trends is creative pieces made and designed by top artistic minds and artisanal forces. Whether it’s adding […]

German Decorations

A World of German Decorations, Art and Design – The Handmade in Germany Exhibit

A diverse and inventive collection of contemporary German decorations, studios, artwork and design projects are on view in the travelling Handmade in Germany international exhibition. The dream of a show features masterpieces by 180 German firms, artists, artisans and designers. Seeing this special exhibit gives one a chance to view the most innovative in German […]

luxury accessories

Luxury accessories for your kitchen to enhance your culinary rituals

Mealtimes are a sacred ritual to enjoy with your loved ones. All over the world the benefits of eating together are recognised. Choosing the right nutritional ingredients has physical benefits but the psychological gain from the time spent together with your loved ones in laughter and debate is priceless. Enhance this experience with luxury accessories […]

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