Iconic Design: Luxury Dining Room Chairs

The table and chairs are the centrepiece of the dining room. Placed in the middle of a space reserved for parties, celebrations and special occasions, the furnishings demand finesse, style and quality to create a truly luxury dining room.

Great designers of the past one hundred years are having a particular renaissance in interior styling. This article selects three of the most iconic luxury dining room chairs of the modern period, to provide inspiration for creating a luxurious, stylish and balanced dining interior.

Opulence, modernity, humour: Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Chair

luxury dining room

Despite designing the chair a mere fifteen years ago, Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Chair is a modern classic. A delicately balanced blend of the uninhibited opulence of the sixteenth century French court and a very contemporary industrial design sensibility, Philippe Starck’s design breathes life into the court of the Sun King with moulded plastic.

Louis XV’s throne is exhumed with ingenuity and humour: the classic, organic lines of the original sixteenth century chairs contrast beautifully with the ethereal injection-moulded polycarbonate plastic. This cutting edge design technique took two years to test and research, creating a furniture mould with no joins or welds in the structure.


Furthermore, the chair’s invisibility enhances a sitter’s presence by framing their body, creating a sense of gravitas. It’s this timeless, tongue-in-cheek wit that makes the Louis Ghost Chair a luxury dining room chair fit for a contemporary king.

Luxury dining room: the elegance and innovation of Marcel Breuer’s B32/Cesca

luxury dining room

There are several important designs in the 20th century that can be attributed to German furniture designer and architect Marcel Breuer. Perhaps most famously, Breuer designed the Whitney Museum in New York, which is now known as the Met Breuer.

When it comes to furniture, not one, but two important innovations in the history of modern seating design can be attributed to Breuer. For lounges, that chair is the Wassily, his boxy metal and leather armchair. For luxury dining room chairs, it is Breuer’s iconic B32/Cesca.

Inspired by the handlebars of the humble bicycle, in 1928 Breuer designed the B32/Cesca chair from non-reinforced tubular steel. Despite the Wassily armchair being more complex aesthetically, the B32 truly changed design as we know it by creating a comfortable, bouncy chair that appeared the make the sitter float. Originally crafted with wicker seat pads, this design can now be found in numerous different styles, including leather and animal prints.

Classic, ergonomic, clean: Eames DSW luxury dining room chair

luxury dining room

Charles and Ray Eames are the true icons of mid century furniture design. The husband and wife duo designed many of the 40s and 50s most recognisable furniture, including the classic Eames lounge chair. However, their design for luxury dining room chairs was equally as significant as their work in the living room.

The Eames DSW dining chair was designed by the couple in their Los Angeles home in the 1940s. Using recently invented cutting-edge materials like moulded ply and fiberglass, the DSW chair exquisitely marries comfort, practicality and ergonomics with style, grace and simplicity. It’s this subtle, nuanced approach to furniture design that means the DSW remains one of the most fashionable dining chairs of all time.