Incorporating the Allure of Indian Interior Design

Indian interior design can be traced back thousands of years, and is intrinsically connected to the region’s rich culture of art, handicraft, spiritual traditions, courtly patronage,and architecture. Much of the astounding decorative arts and architecture in regions like Jaipur reflect a rich mixing of cultural traditions including Islamic, Hindu and British tastes.

As one of the most visually prolific and diverse places in the world, the nation’s approach to decor and artistry is astonishing and the allure seemingly endless. Today artisans continue to explore, recreate and be inspired by the tremendously rich culture of India, in modern porcelains like this intricately detailed Ganesh, colour, decoration and myth come together to create a unique view of Hindu culture and decorative traditions.


Inspired by India

indian interior design

Indian design is a splendid mix of brass fixtures, opulent color, figural sculptural art representing the traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism as well as intricate floral and abstract decorations, carved wooden details.


In architecture this is all often paired with a classic open air plan transitioning into romantic courtyards and pavilions. The array is dizzying, yet there are so many amazing ways to incorporate these creative touches into your contemporary space as an ode to the splendour of the Indian imagination.

Indian Interior Design: Add Inspired Artworks

Part of the complexity and beauty of Indian is its diverse culture and incredible artistic traditions associated with Hinduism and Buddhism.

Incorporate the beauty and creativity of Hindu visual art’s and universal beauty of porcelain sculpture.  This fine polychrome artwork has breathtaking detail and the rich colours reflect the extraordinary palette of Indian design.

Traditional Indian textiles are a wonderful way to bring layers into your interior. Create a sense of universal beauty and showcase your fine art against colourful textile backdrops. The dynamism of the Indian tradition of sculpture and narratives is captured beautifully in even modern interpreations, making these pieces universally appealing artwork suited for any Indian inspired interior.

Indian Interior Design: Choose Rich Colours and Layer

indian interior design

The remarkable porcelain sculpture Divine Love expresses universal themes and reflects the rich tradition of India and Hinduism. The romantic couple is shown on the banks of the Ganges, at the moment before the man must depart to search for his fortune before wedding. The portrait is extraordinary its depiction of fine details, fabrics, and patterns. The subtle delicacy of the handmade flowers and skin draw the viewer in, and the addition of enamelled jewelry creates a fine interplay between textures.

Whether you chose porcelains evoking the history of India, luxurious textiles hand dyed or woven from silk and metallic thread or hand blocked with great skill, or elect to paint a wall a unique colour, hues are one of the most important and inspirational Indian interior design elements. Eclectic style favours juxtaposing India inspired artworks with other treasures.

Designer Tip -For a global decor look and a true sense of Indian tradition and artistry, go eclectic and add porcelain, brass, metalwork and carved wood to your space. Layering different genres, traditions and colours even in a contemporary space is a favorite tactic for designers wishing to incorporate Indian interior decor elements into their space.


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