Industrial themed decor combined with luxury lights

Industrial themed interiors are becoming increasingly popular, as both designers and manufacturers can use an ever widening array of materials and treatments to create beautiful, yet functional finishes in the home. Often synthetic materials, though highly durable, can leave the interior feeling slightly cold and devoid of any real atmosphere. It’s essential when choosing luxury lights for these types of interior, there is an emphasis placed on lighting products which not only give great natural light but also spread warmth and colour throughout the room, softening the hard edges, illuminating every detail in the living area, by bathing both the furniture and all the accessories in a beautifully soft light source.

Often it’s not just the positioning or fabric of a sofa that makes one want to unwind, but pivotally the placement of luxury lights around the furniture which says “come in and relax, welcome home”.

Dramatic luxury lights to suit the decor

luxury lights

Creating an ambience with luxury lights requires acute attention to detail. Interior furnishings should receive adequate amounts of natural and artificial light, the balance is crucial; too much natural light can be uninspiring, too little artificial lighting can reduce warmth.


The Belle de Nuit – absolute black chandelier carries a stunning array of singular bulbs which individually shine brightly but collectively reflect against each other making a bold and dramatic statement in an industrial interior. This chandelier doubles up as both luxury lights and decor in a most grandiose way, especially when opting for this chandelier in one of its stunning statement colours.

Perimeter Lighting

Slate and porcelain tiled flooring have also become popular in luxury living areas; they wear exceptionally well over time and add immediate uniformity and style, but lighting these materials in essential was that warm and welcoming feeling. Recessed floor strip lights are amazing as we only become accustomed to the edge of the glow across lengthy but narrow areas, gently nudging the visitor to walk in a particular direction.

Welcome Home
luxury lights

Large flooring areas can be illuminated in many different styles, freestanding floor and table lamps are not only on trend, but can also offer a highly attractive solution to your luxury lights and decor requirements.

  • Table lampsBoth the Meditating Woman and the Naturo lamps have the ability to provide beautiful light while giving just enough detail in their design to qualify as an “objet d’art”, a talking point at any dinner party or summer soirée.
  • Floor lamps: Well-positioned luxury lights should emote a welcoming feeling, as seen in the beautiful mixture of art and functionality symbolised by Lladró’s decorative floor lamps. Changing the position of your floor lamps as the seasons change will help to keep the look consistent and current, while making use of the combination of natural daylight and ambient light sources in your home.


A vital feature in open-plan living is creating contrasting and complementing zones. Having prominent lighting features in each area will establish the invisible boundaries in harmony with your furniture.


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