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certified lighting designer

Art with Light: Working with a Certified Lighting Designer

Light is one of the most important elements of a living space. Like water and warmth, it nourishes, comforts and promotes well-being. Therefore, when considering interior design in the home, light should be a central concern. In order to achieve the best possible lighting design concept, you may wish to hire a Certified Lighting Designer. […]

interior design proposals

Choosing Interior Design Proposals: Concept, Narrative, Artistry

When re-designing a space with an interior designer, there are many exciting things to think about. For example, what color to paint the walls? What finish to use on the floors? What furniture to buy? However, before any of this begins, it is important to thoroughly review all the potential interior design proposals. Before redesigning […]

interior design processes

Interior Design Processes: Creating the Perfect Living Space

When commissioning an interior designer to help you realize your dream home, there are several important things to consider. After all, there is an enormous amount of trust invested in the relationship. The designer needs to have excellent taste, intuition and most importantly, a compatible design sensibility. Therefore, being familiar with interior design processes is […]

Interior Design Resources

Top Creative Interior Design Resources

When it comes to finding interior design resources and ideas, we know that online sources are quick and easy ways to see the most visually inspired projects as fast as possible. It is like being able to visit the top designer’s studios in person, see the most bespoke and inventive rooms in a moment. If […]

interior design names

Be Inspired -A Selection of Creative Interior Design Names

There are plenty of classic interior design names that many of us recognize, like the sophisticated classic look of Ralph Lauren or the modern guru Jonathan Adler, and perhaps the cutting edge ideas of Philippe Starck? Many look to interior design names like Kelly Wearstler whose glamours luxury means distinctive designs with an eclectic slant. Still […]

chinese interior design

Chinese interior design: style, heritage and significance.

Detailed and dramatic decor influenced by culture and heritage balanced with zen ideologies is what Chinese interior design prides itself in. Much thought and effort goes into the auspicious, positive energy felt in every inch of the room. Dissecting the key elements of the wondrous Chinese interior design Key characteristics A room embodying Chinese interior design […]

luxury home floor plans

Online tools for locating the best luxury home floor plans.

Building and renovating to create your dream home has never been easier with the online tools available to make this process as enjoyable as possible. The websites below give you thousands of luxury home floor plans with photos of the interior to explore. You can purchase the plans or simply use them as inspiration. Once […]

luxury home designs

8 Luxury Home Design transformations for a spare room

Browse our luxury home design concepts to create a sophisticated and functional space in your spare room. “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friend and family belong and laughter never ends” – Unknown Luxury home design ideas to turn an occasional room into a hub for relaxation and family quality time Home gym […]

Grey Living Room

Décor Trends – Innovative Gray Living Room Ideas

Searching for gray living room ideas? Looking for a way to add depth and update your space? Paint walls in a pale dove gray, add brownish toned grey furnishings to act as a canvas for your modern furnishings, floor coverings, and surreal porcelain collection. Add Asian inspired artwork for a palatial feel. Gray is a […]

harmony in interior design

Bold, Brave Color: How to Create Harmony in Interior Design

As stark white rooms and cream furnishings become all the more predictable, bold, brave color in interior design is having a renaissance. Despite this, many will shy away from bright color when decorating their homes, for fear of making the wrong match. However, by following a very simple set of rules, creating harmony in interior […]

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