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interior design hashtags

Popular Interior Design Hashtags

“How do discerning and creative interior decor and collectors seek new ideas, leading forces and artistic projects?” With interior design hashtags. As a leading source of visual inspiration is social media including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, interior decor hashtags are an exciting  force in the world of interior decor and style trends. Through these markers […]

interior design words

Key interior design words to attain your desired decor concept

When redecorating your home there is so much to take into account such as considering your family and everyone’s individual tastes and requirements. Having a good understanding of some key interior design words and concepts empower you to approach the task with confidence and in the most efficient order. Communicating with your interior designer in […]

indian interior design

Incorporating the Allure of Indian Interior Design

Indian interior design can be traced back thousands of years, and is intrinsically connected to the region’s rich culture of art, handicraft, spiritual traditions, courtly patronage,and architecture. Much of the astounding decorative arts and architecture in regions like Jaipur reflect a rich mixing of cultural traditions including Islamic, Hindu and British tastes. As one of […]

trendy wallpaper

Emphasise your interior design with trendy wallpaper

Determining whether you want your walls to personify a seamless backdrop to your decor or a more featured, impactful statement to mark the individuality in your home, is the first step in choosing the perfect trendy wallpaper matched with your taste. How you incorporate a variety of exuberant trendy wallpaper for home will shape the […]

living room sectionals

Curating Elegant Spaces with Luxury Living Room Sectionals

Choosing the perfect living room sectional is a search for first and foremost, true comfort. The goal is truly unique and enduring form and style, high quality upholstery, and of course, the right configuration and measurements. Designers recommend finishing the space with dramatic lighting that centers a beautiful interior. Enjoy this new selection of lovely […]

luxury living room sets

Amplify tranquility with these luxury living room sets

Designing your ideal living room is more than choosing furniture and colour palettes, this room is the principal hub of your home where your family synergise, your friends will socialise and your children will interact. Deciding how this room caters for the personality and requirements of every member of the house and the atmosphere you […]

living room chandelier

Living room chandelier: modernising the traditional chandelier

Historically, chandeliers have always taken the role of the most popular status symbol in the home for the upper echelons of society. In medieval times, the mobile candle chandeliers or candelabra were designed as relatively simple light sources made of predominantly wood and later cast iron, with the functionality of being able to move them […]