Interior layering with metal picture frames

We live in a digital era where often the value of one snapshot taken on a mobile telephone is neglected as we have the option of taking thousands more at the click of a button. But there is something magical about printing a personal photograph and framing it to safeguard cherished memories for years to come. Using metal picture frames is a stylish way of adding layers your interior scheme by adding interest and textures that reflect light subtly and elegantly.


Metal picture frames are the perfect elegant home accessory to complete the interior look

Metal picture frames: Golden frames in white interiors

Golden frames inspired by baroque style add a level of opulent Versailles-esque chic to the home. For a more subtle, modern and refined way to adopt this style of metal picture frame into your home, apply golden frames to white interior settings. This optical delight will create interest and reflect warm tones to the rest of the room, giving it a romantic and fresh feel in both day and night. Combine this with golden accents in other accessories such as the Naturo multi candleholder and sculptures with golden tones to complete the trend in a cohesive and sophisticated way.


Give this white and gold decor combination a warmer, more inviting, appeal by experimenting with rich high pile rugs and comforting textiles such as faux fur throws or oversized knit blankets in whites and creams.

Homogenise with silver

Simple silver frames have an effortless quality about them. Whether they are hung up against a bold statement wallpapered feature wall or set on a side table in a muted backdrop they have a way of blending in, neutrally, without attracting too much attention. This makes these metal picture frames versatile in any home while still contributing to an indulgent mood in combination with other home accessories.

Matching interior

metal picture frames

Silver merges well in taupe and grey based interior colour schemes. Glass accessories such as a hurricane candle holder and coffee table lend themselves to having a silver picture frame nearby. For more high end accessories the round silver mirror by Lladró is the perfect addition to this, adding functional sophistication.

Interior with bold colours

If you are more daring with your decorative style incorporating printed wallpaper or bright coloured walls with contrasting bold tinted sofas and cushions, silver accents are in essence the glue that brings all these different elements together.

Femininity with rose gold

Accessories in rose gold are a contemporary addition to the home and have become an emerging trend. Integrating rose gold accents with blush pinks is a match made in heaven. Metal picture frames of this style complement shades of blush pink curtains, walls or bedding harmoniously while being an eye-catching and exciting addition to stone and duck egg based colour palettes.

metal picture frames

Metal picture frames are a lavish addition to any room. Don’t be afraid to say mix your metals by having a statement wall of different sizes and styles of metal picture frames combining silver, gold and rose gold.

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