Is Microfiber Breathable? Traditional Material vs High-Tech Microfiber

Microfiber is becoming increasingly prevalent in the home décor industry due to its strength, versatility and softness. Woven from fibers that are less than ten micrometers or one denier in thickness – for comparison, pure silk is one and a quarter denier – microfiber can be used to create incredibly soft, silky bed sheets. Therefore, when selecting sheets, microfiber can be a sumptuously soft option. However, microfiber is produced using synthetic materials such as nylon or polymers, which begs the question – is microfiber breathable? Here, find out how this new man-made material compares to other luxury fabrics.

Is Microfiber Breathable? Luxury Microfiber Sheets Put to the Test

is microfiber breathable?

Microfiber has become a popular choice for luxurious bedsheets due to its silky feel and reasonable price. Usually, the hallmark of a high quality set of bed sheets will be the thread count – which, in the case of ultra-fine microfiber, is always very high. Therefore, microfiber sheets are always incredibly soft to the touch. What’s more, this level of luxury won’t cost a fortune. For instance, these plush microfiber sheets by Mellanni are a steal considering how luxe they feel.


However, there is a downside to microfiber sheets; as they are made from synthetic fabrics, they aren’t as breathable as their natural counterparts. This isn’t to say that microfiber sheets will create a hot or uncomfortable sleeping experience – quite the contrary. However, microfiber may be unsuitable for those with sensitive skin.

Tradition in Deluxe Bedding: Egyptian Cotton

is microfiber breathable

Egyptian cotton sheets set the standard for luxury in bed linen. Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, which means the threads are longer, straighter and more intact. This makes for a finer, more consistent weave, creating a sheet thats soft yet flexible. Furthermore, Egyptian cotton is more durable than regular cotton sheets, so will last for years to come.

When compared to synthetic mircofiber alternatives, Egyptian cotton certainly has the edge when it comes to breathability. Exceptionally porous, Egyptian cotton will keep even those with the most sensitive constitutions comfortable and cool throughout the night. However, this quality is reflected in the price. With this in mind, you may wish to make an investment in these gorgeous Egyptian cotton sheets by Hugo Boss.

A Technology and Nature Combined: Bamboo

is microfiber breathable

Similarly to microfiber, bamboo is a recent invention that is quickly gaining notoriety as a luxurious option for bedsheets. Perhaps the most significant reason for this is that bamboo sheets breathe as well, if not better than cotton. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin and are wondering “is microfiber breathable?”, then perhaps bamboo is the best option. In addition, bamboo sheets have a natural resistance to allergens and bacteria. For example, this chic soft grey set from All Bamboo is completely hypoallergenic.

However, it is important to note that bamboo fabric isn’t produced by exclusively natural means. Although bamboo is a more environmentally friendly crop than cotton, bamboo needs to be chemically treated to be spun into thread. As a result, it does have some qualities that are more akin to microfiber than a natural fabric, and may be labelled as viscose or rayon.

Silk Without the Maintenance: Modal

is microfiber breathable

Due to microfiber’s high thread count, it is almost as soft as silk. However, there is another pretender to silk on the market – modal. Similarly to bamboo, modal is synthesised from beechwood bark, which is pulped, dried and spun into a thread. Remarkably breathable, modal is an excellent choice for those looking for silky sheets without the hassle.

However, there is a downside to modal sheets compared to microfiber. It has been said that modal isn’t as durable as its fully synthetic counterpart and can be prone to excessive wrinkling or tearing. However, a solution to this problem could be a more durable modal cotton mix – such as these luxurious 51% cotton and 49% modal sheets by Calvin Klein.

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