Key interior design words to attain your desired decor concept

When redecorating your home there is so much to take into account such as considering your family and everyone’s individual tastes and requirements. Having a good understanding of some key interior design words and concepts empower you to approach the task with confidence and in the most efficient order.

Communicating with your interior designer in their language using interior design concept words to capture the essence of your dream home


Interior design words list: The grid, balancing the space

interior design words

In the elementary stages of planning your space, the grid system is used to map out the different functional areas within one space. The grid is a key interior design word/ concept because without preplanning the cohesion between floors, ceilings and walls, a homogenised flow between each of the functional spaces might not be achieved. Planning the desired position of the furniture (floor) and art (walls) is important to establish prior to electrical installation for the optimum lighting (ceiling) to achieve a sophisticated affinity between the elements. Whether your taste is rooted in symmetry or the asymmetrical, designing to a grid allows you to balance all the facets.

Interior design words: Scale and focal points

After establishing the desired grid the invitation is there to get creative in how to generate interest or focal points within the space. Consider perhaps over-scaling with a chandelier, an oversized cabinet or indoor tree to create focal points while respecting the grid and conserving the flow of the room. Focal points tend to be great conversation pieces that contribute to an inviting and hospitable home.


Under-scaling is more in the art of detail, it can be for example in the choice of fabric or if one area has a certain theme running through it that is more subtly represented in the adjacent space. Call it: the simple pleasures in decor.

Layering: textures and contrast

By this point the key interior design features of your home are in place. Layering is the process of adding different textures and elements to achieve the finished look. Having a luxurious blanket in your television room, contrasting cushions on your sofa or a beautifully reflective metal picture frame are principle to the concept of layering using different contrasting textures for an affluent yet comforting sentiment in your home

Interior design words: The finishing touches for timeless elegance

Personalising touches are the key components that embody the evolution from a showroom into a luxury home.

Adding an all encompassing sculpture or exclusive vase handmade in porcelain are a timeless expression of one’s personality that add a quintessential dimension to the art of layering, with high end textures and contrast, most opulently and impactfully.

Approaching the redecoration of your home methodically is a great way to stay on top of it while enjoying the process. Having a clear understanding of the interior design words used allows you to remain in control and feel empowered throughout the process.