Key Trend: House Chandeliers in Unusual Locations

A key trend for 2018 is a return to glamour – but not as you would expect it. Interior designers are drawing inspiration from luxurious fabrics, high-end finishes and sumptuous antiques. However, all of these references to tradition come with a modern twist. For instance, velvet is applied to colorful, plush couches, and antiques are placed in contrast with contemporary furnishings. This contrast creates a sense of glamour, humor and eccentricity. One of the key interpretations of this contemporary take on luxury is unconventional and creative places to house chandeliers. Here, read more about the new rules for adorning every corner of the home with opulent, unusual light fixtures.

Utility meets Beauty: The Glamorous Everyday

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When one purchases a statement piece like a chandelier, the first instinct is to house chandeliers in a formal area of the home such as the living room, dining room, or in the entrance hall. However, the new rules for glamour in the home dictate that there is no area too humble to be denied a luxurious lighting fixture. Therefore, utility should be mixed with beauty where ever possible, introducing an element of imagination, curiosity and whimsy.


For instance, house chandeliers in the kitchen to make sure no area of the home is left without a luxurious touch. Whether suspended above the kitchen table or over the counter, a chandelier can bring glamour, humor and postmodern eccentricity to a functional space like the kitchen. However, when selecting your fixture, consider styles beyond traditional crystal. For example, a molded plastic chandelier incorporates the timeless, tongue-in-cheek wit of designers like Philippe Starck.

Playful Contrast: Mix Up Materials

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This key new trend of statement lighting in unusual locations emphasizes contrast. As implied above, this theory should also be applied when selecting materials and designs for the chandelier itself. For instance, even though crystal is a classic, fine porcelain generates the same glorious, refracted light but in a softer, more nuanced tone. This gorgeous, delicate light is generated beautifully by Lladró’s new Winter Palace collection. Alternatively, for those seeking to be truly adventurous with the concept of contrast, this style is also available in the Belle de Nuit Absolute Black style.

Equally, house beautiful chandeliers in contrasting materials side-by-side. If creating a statement lighting concept for any area of the home, consider teaming black with white, crystal with iron, or employing asymmetric shapes. For example, the unusual forms of this pendant light by Tom Dixon mean each individual lamp creates a bold statement. Comprising a deep, matte black shade and a dappled gold interior, this chandelier seamlessly marries geometry and organic forms, making it the perfect statement piece for the kitchen or breakfast area.

House Chandeliers in the Bathroom: Pure Luxury

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The bathroom is a sanctuary, where one goes to unwind and wash away the stresses of the day. Therefore, why not make all aspects of bathing thoroughly luxurious? Therefore, one should house beautiful chandeliers in the bathroom to transform the space into a decadent hideaway for relaxation. Hung low over a large, free-standing Victorian bathtub or adjacent to a glass-doored waterfall shower, a chandelier brings an unexpected touch of opulence to one of the more functional spaces in the home. For instance, Lladró’s Magic Forest chandelier evokes the flow of water with its long threads, tipped with beautiful hand-crafted porcelain leaves recalling the tranquility of nature.

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