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contemporary outdoor lighting

Trends in Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

The Latest Ideas in Contemporary Outdoor Lighting From artistic sculptural lighting pieces to modern renditions of the classic lantern outdoor lighting, contemporary outdoor lighting is a new source for artistic and design innovation. Eastern inspired design is also a leading trend. Indoor outdoor living is a fun thing to experiment with these days as well, […]

traditional lighting

Traditional Lighting: The Beauty of Classical Opulence

Traditional Lighting: The Classic Design Staple  Traditional lighting is a classic staple for luxury interiors, and among the many options  chandeliers in particular are a sure way to add a sense of opulence and artistry to both contemporary spaces and traditional historic interiors. Whether it’s a new porcelain chandelier or wall sconce in pale tones, a […]

Linear Chandeliers

Linear Chandeliers: Statement Lighting

Design Statement Pieces: Linear Chandeliers  Linear Chandeliers are statement pieces that transform spaces of any style, whether a modernist luxury dining room, or a rustic living area, these rectangular lighting fixtures come in various styles, materials and configurations and are a go to for designers looking to upgrade a room. Trending today in modern homes […]

extra large chandelier

Extra large chandeliers – the traditional and modern approaches.

The sophistication that an extra large chandelier brings to the interior decor of your home is unsurpassable. From the light it exudes to its powerful presence, welcome the ultimate status symbol for your home. Extra large chandeliers – inspiring freedom and fluidity in your living room The sophistication that an extra large chandelier brings to […]

house chandeliers

Key Trend: House Chandeliers in Unusual Locations

A key trend for 2018 is a return to glamour – but not as you would expect it. Interior designers are drawing inspiration from luxurious fabrics, high-end finishes and sumptuous antiques. However, all of these references to tradition come with a modern twist. For instance, velvet is applied to colorful, plush couches, and antiques are […]

living spaces lighting

Living Spaces Lighting: Statement Fixtures for the Kitchen

Statement lighting fixtures are commonly found in formal areas of the home. For example, it is quite usual to see a large chandelier or sculptural fixture in a living room or hanging in a double-height stairwell. However, there is no reason to not extend glamour and artistry to every space in the home, to create […]

nightscapes lighting

Nightscapes Lighting: Illuminating Your Home

Some things are at their most beautiful under the night sky; a glistening lake, a dewy field or the blinking lights of a city in the distance. Equally, lighting design can showcase your home and garden at its best at nighttime. Therefore, nightscapes lighting is an important new trend in landscape design. Through carefully placed […]


Stylish and Modern LED Wall Lights

The Beauty of Stylish and Modern LED Wall Lights LED Wall Lights are a custom feature that many designers and homeowners see as a “must-have” for new spaces. They can be installed in all rooms, in all sorts of interiors and homes. But today with new technical innovation and artful pairings with creative minds the […]

velvet lighting

Key Trend: Velvet Lighting, Upholstery and Curtains

Last year was all about velvet, velvet and more velvet – and it is a trend that’s set to endure well into 2018. Plush, sumptuous and elegant, velvet makes any interior feel thoroughly luxurious. Following on from trends for vintage and retro furniture, interior designers are using velvet more and more liberally. Velvet is being […]

tree house lighting

Tree House Lighting: Turn a Play Set into an Architectural Feature

Many have joyful memories of their childhood tree house. Whether lovingly constructed with a grandparent or time spent in your own secret hiding place, a tree house is where precious memories are made. However, sometimes children’s play sets aren’t the most attractive feature of a garden – especially if a set is bought from a […]

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