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living spaces lighting

Living Spaces Lighting: Statement Fixtures for the Kitchen

Statement lighting fixtures are commonly found in formal areas of the home. For example, it is quite usual to see a large chandelier or sculptural fixture in a living room or hanging in a double-height stairwell. However, there is no reason to not extend glamour and artistry to every space in the home, to create […]

nightscapes lighting

Nightscapes Lighting: Illuminating Your Home

Some things are at their most beautiful under the night sky; a glistening lake, a dewy field or the blinking lights of a city in the distance. Equally, lighting design can showcase your home and garden at its best at nighttime. Therefore, nightscapes lighting is an important new trend in landscape design. Through carefully placed […]


Stylish and Modern LED Wall Lights

The Beauty of Stylish and Modern LED Wall Lights LED Wall Lights are a custom feature that many designers and homeowners see as a “must-have” for new spaces. They can be installed in all rooms, in all sorts of interiors and homes. But today with new technical innovation and artful pairings with creative minds the […]

velvet lighting

Key Trend: Velvet Lighting, Upholstery and Curtains

Last year was all about velvet, velvet and more velvet – and it is a trend that’s set to endure well into 2018. Plush, sumptuous and elegant, velvet makes any interior feel thoroughly luxurious. Following on from trends for vintage and retro furniture, interior designers are using velvet more and more liberally. Velvet is being […]

tree house lighting

Tree House Lighting: Turn a Play Set into an Architectural Feature

Many have joyful memories of their childhood tree house. Whether lovingly constructed with a grandparent or time spent in your own secret hiding place, a tree house is where precious memories are made. However, sometimes children’s play sets aren’t the most attractive feature of a garden – especially if a set is bought from a […]

luxury table lamps

Artisan luxury table lamps: valuing the handmade.

When carefully constructing a room that resembles a visual masterpiece in decor, unifying charm, relaxation and family values packaged in sophistication and interior splendour, the impact of a luxury table lamp is not to be ignored. So often interior styles are homogenised, colour schemes repeated and art works reproduced. In search of excitement, something unique, […]

designer lighting brands

The best designer lighting brands adding quirky character and luxury to your home

The moment a room has been exquisitely decorated, the archways adorned with statement antiques and the wallpaper and flooring are both in sync, the perfectionist designer looks towards designer lighting brands, and not necessarily lighting that just provides 600 lumens of brightness but luxury lamps that create an ambience, a mood that allows guests to […]


Avant Garde Table Lamp Shades

Luxury table lamps and table lamp shades  are artworks in their own right. As coveted decorative and functional items they are absolutely essential to any room’s style whether a living room, office or study, home library, bedroom or even a foyer. Carefully placed table lamps can create a sense of ambience and coziness, and much […]

luxury lighting brands

Luxury Lighting Brands: Tradition in Statement Chandeliers

A key trend for 2018 is statement lighting. Luxury lighting brands are creating ever more ambitious and sculptural designs, formulating high fashion, experimental lighting concepts. Furthermore, the placement of these large, opulent chandeliers and sculptural fixtures is taking an unexpected turn; while it’s quite usual to place a chandelier in an entrance hall or a […]

most expensive chandelier

The World’s Most Expensive Chandelier: Brighton Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion was built for King George IV in 1815. Intended as his summer retreat, the palace was designed in the Regency style with Indo-Islamic and Chinese influences by architect John Nash. In the Banqueting Room, clutched in spectacular oriental dragons’ claws, is the world’s most expensive chandelier. When it was designed, Brighton Pavilion was […]

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