Linear Chandeliers: Statement Lighting

Design Statement Pieces: Linear Chandeliers 

linear chandeliers

Linear Chandeliers are statement pieces that transform spaces of any style, whether a modernist luxury dining room, or a rustic living area, these rectangular lighting fixtures come in various styles, materials and configurations and are a go to for designers looking to upgrade a room.

Trending today in modern homes are themes of monochromatic dining rooms, offset by metallic accents, soft furnishings, and opulent chandeliers. Add a punch of bold color in a focal wall, artwork or accent chair, there is always an element of the unexpected and artistic.

A linear chandelier can be a simple rustic wrought iron lighting fixture with inset lighting, an ornate chandelier style rectangular hanging fixture dripping with crystal and glass, perhaps offset by metallic details. Imagine gold with asymmetric glass, or even a more distilled format -copper and globes.

Enjoy this curated gallery of some of our favorite chandeliers in modern spaces that are distinguished by a sense of the adventurous, creative and luxury. 

Linear Chandeliers and Glamorous Industrial Style


This spectacular linear Rosenberg chandelier features 138 solid crystal balls. A perfect illustration of the transformative power of the chandelier on any space.


Simple pared down surface coverings and contemporary style is beautifully combined and modern becomes palatial with this dazzling upgrade: industrial chic gets an upgrade with this stylish configuration of light bulbs and geometric structure.

Photo courtesy of My Furniture Co. UK

Geometry Inspired Linear Chandeliers

Linear Chandeliers

A modernist linear chandelier with a mid century modern aesthetic. The wide Globe Pendant Chandelier Wide features globe lighting, and a beautiful copper color structure.  This style of lamp is perfect for the Scandinavian inspired kitchen -think over an island or in a dining space. The warm yet refined look of copper is a popular home accessories trend these days as well. Stylish and minimalist, this lamp is a focal piece with real geometric style.

Image courtesy of

The Elegance of Pure Glass

Linear Chandeliers

Clean lines and a sculptural sense of space distinguishes this gorgeous dining room -perfectly crowned by this fantastic fixture. Pendant dining lights are one sort of linear chandelier, and this Stardust Pendant designed by Francesco Lucchese for Vistosi features mouth blown and handcrafted crystal glass. The linear frame has a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, and the lights recall the night sky illuminated by the stars. Handmade glass is a wonderful way to bring artistic lighting into your design scheme and home.

Image courtesy of Monodolce.

Artistic Opulence

A linear chandelier with a twist, this suspension lighting fixture features gorgeous handmade crystal glass set within rectangular gold plated brass levels.  This dining room takes monochrome to the next level, gold and crystal add light and bold sensibility to this grand and luxurious space, soft grays and mirrored surfaces allowing a sense of refracted light and warmth all at the same time. Marble and soft furnishings add depth and a sense of layered beauty.

Whatever modern style you might choose, linear chandeliers in all their various styles, designs, and structure is a go to type of statement lighting that is undoubtedly a sure way to lend opulence and real style to any luxury space and decor thematic.

Image courtesy of Luxuu.

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