Living Spaces Lighting: Statement Fixtures for the Kitchen

Statement lighting fixtures are commonly found in formal areas of the home. For example, it is quite usual to see a large chandelier or sculptural fixture in a living room or hanging in a double-height stairwell. However, there is no reason to not extend glamour and artistry to every space in the home, to create a truly experimental living spaces lighting concept.

New trends in interior design are encouraging the placement of statement lighting in more unusual locations. For instance, the kitchen is often seen as a functional space in the household. As a result, it is also a room where you spend the most time, making it one of the most important living spaces. Therefore, your kitchen should receive the same attention as any other part of the home. Here, find out how to incorporate statement lighting pieces into your kitchen, creating a space that’s as elegant as it is practical.

Create Light and Warmth with Copper

living spaces lighting

Industrial materials are a significant new trend in lighting design. However, never read ‘industrial’ as ugly or dirty – industrial inspired accessories should always be thoroughly elegant, polished interpretations of mechanical forms. For example, a ubiquitous new fashion is exposed Edison lightbulbs, with their intriguing curled filaments.


However, for a more off-beat take on the industrial trend, opt for a sculptural fixture in copper or brass. Copper is a fabulous material to use in the kitchen, as it is reminiscent of traditional copper pots in stately homes. Furthermore, the warm, orange sheen will emit an inviting, comforting light appropriate to the heart of the home. For instance, these Copper Shade lights by Tom Dixon are available in a number of shapes and sizes, which nestled together create a gorgeous family of fixtures.

Living Spaces Lighting with Porcelain

living spaces lighting

When a white light is encased in a shell of porcelain, the fixture will emit a warming, gentle glow. Therefore, the delicate, translucent surface of porcelain makes it an ideal material from which to create lamp shadesReferred to as “living light”, it is this soft glow that makes a porcelain fixture perfect for a living spaces lighting concept in the kitchen.

For those who desire this sense of warmth and closeness, Lladró’s cluster of Mademoiselle lights look delightful placed over a kitchen island or dining table. Available in several different sizes and in clusters as well as individually, the Mademoiselle design is timeless, playful and the perfect addition to a chic kitchen.

All-Out Glamour with Gold

living spaces lighting

Even though the kitchen is a primarily functional space, it does not mean it can’t be lavish. Therefore, incorporating precious metals into your interior design concept can bring an element of unexpected glamour. For example, placing a dramatic, sculptural light fixture is the perfect way to introduce gold accents into your living spaces lighting.

Although a gold chandelier is an excellent choice, there are several more experimental options that will complement a contemporary kitchen. To try something a little off the beaten track, look for surprising, sculptural pieces that play with material, form and scale. For instance, this charming Perch Light Tree chandelier designed by Umat Yamac for Moooi marries together whimsy and modernity seamlessly. 

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