Lladró horses: The extraordinary symbolism

The high porcelain sculptures of Lladró horses capture the pride and loyalty represented by these creatures meticulously. Horses have been a central symbol of wealth and power across many civilisations. Although most have been domesticated globally, they remain symbolic of freedom and sophistication. Being dressed and kept immaculately by the nobility throughout history, they couldn’t have wishes for a more loyal and elegant friend who proudly stood by them in war and triumph.

These characteristics, both physically and emotionally, are represented with infinite details in these high porcelain sculptures.


Lladró horses: Balancing artistry with emotional and physical presence of these creatures

“A lovely horse is always an experience… it is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words” by Beryl Markham.

A celebration of success and accomplishment

lladro horses

Arabian pure breed horses have been some of the most admired amongst the aristocracy throughout the course of history. Renowned for their physical strength and muscular stature, these exotic horses have been the pride of their owners, with Napoleon as one of them.


Transforming these into high porcelain sculptures takes a great deal of skill, art mastery and attention to detail. The Lladró horses require an unparalleled amount of technical and creative artistry to be able to sculpt each muscle of this animal with such precision. Standing with indisputable strength and determination makes it a remarkable depiction of uncompromising confidence, appealing not only to horse lovers but symbolising a celebration of success in its entirety.

Lladró horses: An expression of admiration

lladro horses

Oriental Horse with it’s noteworthy attention to detail, drew inspiration from the Chinese Tang Dynasty, symbolising wealth and elegance. This exclusive limited edition Lladró horse captures a part of history so intrinsically with meticulously executed artistry as seen in the horse’s ornate majestic pattern of colours on its blanket.

With its bowed head and proudly elegant posture it signifies ultimate respect, making it a treasured gift rooted in admiration and sophistication.

Lladró horses: An adorned wedding gift

The Bridal Carriage is a creation founded on and inspired by the delicate moments shared between husband and wife. The way in which the wife leans over and romantically shares a gaze with her adored husband, is a moment to be cherish. This immaculate sculpture evokes the purest of loving sentiments making it a perfect wedding or wedding anniversary gift adding style and romance to the interior.

This masterpiece requires an immense amount of skill from its creator to be able to strike the perfect balance between all the elements in order for it to stand without the support of a porcelain base. Combining the famed Lladró horse and the pride and elegance it represents with the stern determination in the eyes of the coachman, followed by the detailed representation of this 19th century carriage is an exclusive gift to be treasured for generations.

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