Luxury accessories for your kitchen to enhance your culinary rituals

Mealtimes are a sacred ritual to enjoy with your loved ones. All over the world the benefits of eating together are recognised. Choosing the right nutritional ingredients has physical benefits but the psychological gain from the time spent together with your loved ones in laughter and debate is priceless. Enhance this experience with luxury accessories for a celebratory dinner party or simply for day to day joy.

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if god had not made them pleasurable as well as a necessity” – Voltaire


Quintessential luxury accessories to complete your kitchen

Barista style espresso at home

If coffee heralds the start of your day, why not ensure the choice you make in the morning is backed by a laser sharp alertness from the first drop of perfectly blended caffeine consumed.


The Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine is a collector’s item first used by Pope Benedict XVI in 2005 and creates Vatican approved espresso from the comforts of your home. This innovative Italian brand has perfected the art of coffee over the past century and delivers a high end range of luxury accessories for the ultimate state of the art luxurious kitchen.

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first” – Ernestine Ulmer

luxury accessories

The Naturo collection by Lladró bestows its distinguished and delightful luxury home accessories on your dinner table. The multi candleholder is the ultimate elegant addition to your dining table while the quaint porcelain white and golden salt and pepper shakers add some fun.

The Natura porcelain tray is available in 3 different colours to suit your interior scheme. For a neutral addition with the focus on its unusual shapes, the brilliant white version will easily blend in any kitchen. The addition of golden accents on the tray transform its appeal to suit a formal dining room while the multi coloured tray is charmingly eccentric.

“Age and glasses of wine should never be counted” – unknown

luxury accessories

Keeping your exquisite bottle of white wine or champagne cooled at the perfect temperature without the drips from an ice bucket is the revolutionary concept Kaelo developed. These innovative wine coolers are luxury home accessories that use only electricity to create the cold air so you can enjoy every last drop at its optimum temperature as the makers intended.

The Kaelo wine cooler is available as an integrated cooler on your worktop or freestanding to conveniently be moved around as required.

For a true wine connoisseur, Miele’s built in Sommelier Set provides all the luxury accessories for professional decanting while allowing you to store your exceptional wines and champagnes in their 3 individually controlled temperature zones.

These are some much loved luxury home accessories to be enjoyed on your own or as part of a soirée at home. As they say, ‘preparation is key’ and with these additions to your home, you are well equipped for an impromptu celebration.