Luxury bedroom furniture for the perfectionist

As the most prominent area in a home for privacy, personalising your luxury bedroom furniture allows for maximum aesthetic pleasure and establishes a stabilising, harmonised environment.

The correct balance of interior elements, creates an antithesis of comfort, luxury and indulgent reverence for this fundamental living space. Here are some tips when you are searching for the ultimate in luxury bedroom furniture.

Step into a world of consummate elegance with luxury bedroom furniture

Regal glamour

Opulence, exuberance and grandeur characterise the baroque style of luxury bedroom furniture sets. Originated in 1600’s Italy, this lavish trend is the epitome of regal chic.
Heavenly sumptuous fabrics, upholstered chairs, ornately carved dressers and mirrors, provide a resplendent and noble feel.
An oversized bed with a lavishly ornamented headboard provides a breathtaking exuberance, which perfectly complements the decor.
For added frivolity, incorporate a wall crown and bed teester above the headboard, and upholstered bench or blanket box at the foot of the bed.

A unifying combination


A unique, creative, functional use of two rooms is achieved by the unification of master bedroom and master bathroom, creating an exquisite, cavernous, sanctuary for calmness and tranquillity. The omission of walls between the two areas allows for a beautiful optimisation of natural light flow.

Incorporating sleek, smooth stand-alone tubs, etched glass walls, relaxing neutral colours and hand finished flooring into a bedroom area, transforms two intimate living spaces, into an a welcoming oasis of luxury and relaxation.


Applying consistency with the decor in this space, ensures a flawless, harmonious blend, which ultimately allows the metamorphosed space to accent its inviting, organic atmosphere.
Mixed materials incorporated into luxury bedroom furniture sets provide an exclusive, elegant feel to the design of the whole interior decor. This provides a fluid balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of the room.

Here are some elements to consider when adopting this trend:

  • Wood is a versatile texture which combines perfectly with most other materials.
  • A combination of metallic or marble and wood creates a sublime fusion of concepts that unifies warm and cold characteristics within one space. This has an overall balancing impact.
  • Concrete and limestone decors forge a seductive blend of relaxed chic and elegant comfort when accented with soft accessories such as indulgent rugs and sophisticated draping .

An addition of a statement armchair, draped with a luxury throw provides an enhanced feeling of relaxation and opulence.

Elegant bedroom furniture: Monochrome Magnetism

Luxury bedroom furniture sets in the black and white monochrome decor remain a timeless classic, with an affluent, sophisticated quality that never fails to appeal.

Here are some key characteristics of how to emulate this trend in a cosmopolitan way:

  • A plush, elaborate, extravagant atmosphere is accomplished by embracing a commingling of textures, colours and patterns.
  • Dark, geometric wallpaper provides the ultimate backdrop for large textured headboards and bed furnishings.
  • Grey block benches, dressers and soft rugs provide an elegant, unanimous finish to this concept.
  • Adding hanging sketches and statement lighting invokes an atmosphere of exclusive sophistication and elaborates the fluid, audacious elements of the look.
  • Inserting a uniforming, bright colour to walls and cushions, adds a playful, light-hearted complimentary quality.

Whether luxurious and elegant or understated and classic, luxury bedroom furniture sets revamp and revolutionise the living space. A precise intermingling of furniture, colours and fabrics, gives rise to the ultimate feeling of effusive comfort, and wanton extravagance.