Accentuating your luxury home decor with ambient lighting

The lighting arrangement adds an element of luxury to your home decor. Not only does your choice of lighting design illuminate the room, it works in perfect partnership with your furniture to create a warm and inviting ambience. Regardless of which area of your home you are decorating, selecting the appropriate lighting has a dramatic impact on your experience of the room.


Recognising the significance of lighting and how it impacts your luxury home decor

Over-scaled lighting

The structural and architectural elements are the backbone of every room, whether you use this to your advantage or see it as a constraint, your choice of lighting can harmonise the challenging elements. Incorporating oversized lighting is a great way to deflect attention from structural distractions, allowing for focus on your luxury home decor and the ambience created by your lighting design.

luxury home decor

If you are blessed with unusually high ceilings, take advantage of this opportunity by incorporating a magnificent, show-stopping chandelier.

luxury home decor

In open-plan spaces, the position of your furniture will create invisible boundaries. Use your luxury home decor items to balance out the room by using a different rug for each section of the room and positioning the furniture to establish a grid or structure, giving each functional space its individual appeal. Creating a subtle grid from an aerial view will place equal importance on all the areas of this open space. Lighting each area in a unique way creates a more intimate ambience.


Luxurious ambience in the bedroom

luxury home decor

Elegance and symmetry go hand in hand, that’s why the lighting in most bedrooms is characterised by a bedside table lamp on either side of the bed. Although this is a timeless and graceful feature, don’t feel restricted by this: you can have the exact same furniture but opting for 2 single pendant lights descending on the bedside tables has an expansive and contemporary appeal instantly updating the atmosphere.

luxury home decor.

Fitting concealed LED lights at low level under the base of the bed gives a soft, sophisticated glow to the bed. Alternatively, incorporating the concealed LED lights to your ceiling adds a celestial allure to your luxury home decor.

Luxury home decor: A touch of femininity

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Taking pride in your appearance is a wonderful element of life that should be cherished by having a spectacular and sophisticated space where one can indulge in such beauty rituals. As this is a space that is mostly used at the start and end of each day, lighting this to inspire a sense of calm serenity is the key for a private moment to re-centre yourself. Some luxury home decor ideas are brought to life by integrating golden tones in your decor of this private sanctuary, this has a warming effect which will reflect light in a glamorous manner.

Having different electrical circuits allows for a variety of lighting patterns making this a multifunctional space allowing for bright, yet sophisticated make up light and when required: a subdued, more flattering light for dressing.

Incorporating pendant lights or table lamps avoids direct luminance, complementing your luxury home decor by radiating off your elegant furniture effortlessly.

Luxury home decor: Lighting your art

luxury home decor.

Sourcing the perfect art piece to lift the experience of the room you will display it in, is a very personal and gratifying experience. Striking the perfect balance of complementing your luxury home decor while adding distinction is an art in itself.

Once you discover this perfect artwork it is paramount to light it in a manner that respects its distinguished appeal.

Here are some of the many ways of doing this:

  • By allowing the lighting design to be artistic in its own right (as seen in the image above): this is perfect for a feature wall, creating an interesting and contemporary sentiment with a ceiling suspension of hanging pendant lights in a variety of lengths surrounding the picture. This style works best if the opposing walls are relatively restrained in their decor.
  • By using pin spotlights: these ceiling fixtures give you the flexibility of adjusting the angle of the light when it illuminates your art. Installing these at the right distance and angle is paramount for an optimum ambient lighting scheme. Adjusting the light to bounce off the centre of the picture at a 30 degree angle is favourable to avoid harsh shadows, instead creating a sophisticated glow inviting your curiosity for closer inspection.
  • Picture lights are typically mounted onto the frame of the picture or on the wall just above. Because of its more intrusive nature, the eximious method of balancing this with your interior design scheme is by having two of these on opposing walls for a symmetrical effect harmonising the lighting design of the space.

Considering the conservation of your art: don’t dismiss the effects of halogen lights at too close proximity of your artwork, instead utilise LED lights which don’t contain the damaging ultraviolet light or the heat that the halogens emit, therefore adding to the longevity of this potential heirloom.

Synchronising the traditional with the modern

luxury home decor.

Opposing the soft, welcoming, oversized sofa with a traditional crystal chandelier as the centrepiece of the room has a dramatic visual appeal. The interior decor is harmonised with subtle detailing of the cornice designs on the walls in between the striking oversized windows. Installing wall chandeliers on these walls will have a spectacular impact in the evenings by adding a sophisticated luminance to the perimeters of the room which would otherwise be quite dark when the curtains are drawn. Wall chandeliers have an opulent and majestic quality, making them an essential regal component when adding luxury elements to your home decor.

Planning the lighting configuration of your home is the primary step in interior design. Accommodating the fixtures and electrical elements complement your elegant furniture for an enhanced luxury appeal, giving every area of your personal sanctuary the stature it deserves.


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