Luxury lamps: Turn your evenings into magic

There is a certain magical quality when the sun sets and the moon shines bright in the sky. All the worries of the day are pushed to one side in favour of quality time with your loved ones or indeed quality time with yourselves. Creating a magical atmosphere within your home is integral to the feeling of relaxation and romance, no other element influences this sentiment more than the ambient glow in the room when switching on your luxury lamps.


Adding a touch of nature and fantasy to your interior with these luxury lamps

Luxury lamps: Feeling at one with nature

Surrounding ourselves with objects that remind us of nature inspire us to connect with our true selves. Combining opulent accents in home decor with calming light gives a sense of exuberance.


One way to incorporate a luxury lamp into your home decor is using it to add interest and excitement in an effortless way. Firefly is a collection of luxury lamps made of exclusive porcelain, inspired by plant patterns, decorated in a combination of nature-inspired colours, that does just that:

  • During the day, it serves as an exclusive and elegant sculpture that blends with your decor, due to it being cordless with rechargeable batteries and handmade in porcelain.
  • In the evening, it emits a translucent glow filtered through the porcelain lithophane lampshade. With its added bonus of being portable, you have the option of using it indoors or outdoors as a sophisticated functional accessory for alfresco dining.

Fantastical luxury lamps

luxury lamps

Where else will you find more versatility and ability to customise your lighting design than in the Mademoiselle collection? This wonderfully feminine collection is available as hanging lamps, chandeliers and table lamps adding an artisan sophistication to your decor. These luxury lamps are handcrafted in porcelain with luminosity glowing from the skirts of these elegant ladies.

Its beauty lies in its fresh colour palette and decorative elements such as the ornate floral headdresses that are pieced together petal by petal, adding to its romantic appeal both switched on in the evenings or off during the day.

The bedroom of dreams

luxury lamps
Mark a special occasion in the life of a young lady with the Beautiful Angel Lamp. This luxury lamp embodies ultimate femininity and elegance in its purest form. It combines the superb artistry of a handcrafted porcelain figurine in the shape of a beloved angel with the functionality of a lamp. Emitting soft, warm and welcoming luminance to, not only, the room it’s housed in but also seemingly bringing the angel to life. This is an unmissable masterpiece in the bedroom of a young lady evoking a sense of innocence and stylish sophistication.

Don’t feel confined to adding luxury lamps solely to your bedrooms and living rooms.

Making an indulgent design statement in the entrance hall of your home is a spectacular way to welcome your guests, instantly setting the tone for style to follow in your entertaining spaces.


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