Luxury Lifestyle – Choosing Your Custom Jet Interior

Luxury Lifestyle – Choosing a Private Jet Interior

Choosing your private jet interior for family or business should include having various living spaces – the choice will depend on your typical needs and how far you may travel. The length and size of your jet as well as seating will also determine final decisions.

Highlights of Design -Today, top custom jet interior outfitters include Mercedes Benz, Embraer, Flexjet, International Jet Interiors and Airjet Designs  among many others. Want something spectacular? Measuring nearly 5,000 square feet the Boeing 747-8 VIP private jet is designed to be like a flying apartment.

Custom Jet Interior

Many private jet owners will purchase empty jets and have the entire interior customised as a way to stand out, optimize comfort and enhance travel. Some seek an enduring more uniform style, while others want an on-trend or unique style, such as opulent all white, feminine soft colors, or maybe even art deco.


Whatever the style choice, these sky spaces are accented with beautiful floor coverings, shades, leather seating, boardrooms, dining areas, lounges, opulent bedrooms, outfitted bathrooms and kitchens for staff. Luxury custom jet interiors are a design project in themselves.

Private Jet Interiors Communal Meeting Area

Custom-Jet-Interior, Private-Jet-Interiors

A key to maximizing your private jet interior is having a shared lounge space that can be used for social or business gatherings. This streamlined area should be comfortable yet elegant with a classic style that exudes both comfort and a sense of luxury. Accent the space with throw pillows and blankets, choose natural looking surface coverings and finishes to add a sense of layering and opulence.

Highlights of Design -In addition to the firms mentioned, creative industry leaders like Porsche Design Studio and Pininfarina (Ferrari) are also joining the world of custom jet interiors, creating bespoke spacing outfitted in the most streamlined and luxurious of designs.

Bedrooms in Custom Jet Interiors

Private-Jet-Interior, Custom-Jet-Interior

A beautifully appointed bedroom is a must for anyone outfitting a private or business jet. Calming neutrals and crisp white sheets complement the gorgeous pillow like wall coverings in a delightful cream. The room is brought together with touches of faux wood molding, shades and a wall mounted reading lamp. This is truly a home away from home certain to provide a night of rest.

Highlights of Design – For the truly stylish, lately private jet interior designs have included top fashion forces including Gianni Versace for TAG Designs. The world renown designer Andrew Winch of Winch Designs has outfitted many jets, with an emphasis on design continuity for clients who want their various spaces such as superyachts and jets to reflect their style in a related way.

Intimate Seating Alcoves

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A smaller alcove with two seats with private screens, and dining or desk tables mean families and business partners can travel in close proximity but with some privacy. Excellent for working while travelling or just quietly spending leisure time. Inlaid wood adds to the beauty of this custom jet interior.

 Custom Jet Interiors -Dining Areas

Custom Jet Interior

A luxurious table setting complete with porcelain dinnerware, crystal, table linens, and the most comfortable of seats. This inflight dining experience is made absolutely ambient through the use of custom shades. Designed to create a sense of sophistication and comfort as well as an elegant eating experience.

Highlights of Design -One of the most spectacular contemporary jet interiors was envisioned by Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors, complete with luxurious chandeliers and rich and lush color schemes and finishes.

Whatever you choose, imagine making your custom jet interior or private plane like a pied-à-terre, a comfortable and luxuriously appointed space to travel and entertain as well as work and spend leisure time with business partners and family.