Luxury Lighting Brands: Tradition in Statement Chandeliers

A key trend for 2018 is statement lighting. Luxury lighting brands are creating ever more ambitious and sculptural designs, formulating high fashion, experimental lighting concepts. Furthermore, the placement of these large, opulent chandeliers and sculptural fixtures is taking an unexpected turn; while it’s quite usual to place a chandelier in an entrance hall or a dining room, interior designers are moving chandeliers out of their traditional haunts into more eccentric locations. For instance, chandeliers are appearing in kitchens and bathrooms, creating interiors that are playful, glamorous and whimsical.

Despite this contemporary, irreverent twist in interior design trends, designers are increasingly looking to the past for inspiration for statement pieces. Designer lighting brands are borrowing techniques from the craftsman of the past to create thoroughly modern takes on traditions in chandelier design. Here, be inspired by these timeless traditions and the luxury lighting brands who are employing these design sensibilities.

Designer Lighting Brands Inspired by Crystal

Luxury Lighting Brands

The classic chandelier design is, of course, in crystal. Effortless, sophisticated and enduringly glamorous, the inclusion of a crystal chandelier in any interior always brings a sense of opulence. Placing a crystal chandelier in an unexpected location is the perfect way to inject some joie de vivre into your home. For instance, when installed as the centrepiece of a bathroom, a crystal chandelier is a decadent, tongue-in-cheek accent to the more functional elements of the room.


St. Louis crystal have been manufacturing the finest crystal homewares since 1586. Nestled in the eastern tip of France by the German border, all of St. Louis products are made with the utmost care and skilled craftsmanship. A perfect example of luxury lighting brands who move with the times and look to the past, St. Louis’ Royal chandelier collection is a masterful blend of the contemporary and timeless.

Luxury Lighting Brands Returning to Wrought Iron

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Before the first piece of glass was blown, the halls of grand palaces were lit by chandeliers forged from wrought iron. A more robust, austere look, the wrought iron chandelier is reminiscent of country castles and warm hearths. Once again, the key with reinterpreting this look for the modern day is contrast; place a wrought iron chandelier in a room with soft creams, pure white or warm yellows to bring a touch of the unexpected.

One of the luxury lighting brands who are returning to the wrought iron tradition are American manufacturers Currey & Company. For example, Currey & Company’s Saxon Black Chandelier transforms a sturdy wrought iron chandelier into an object that’s modern, delicate and refined. Like the slender arms of the fixture which reach out and curl back in, the design at once looks back into the past and forward into the future.

Luxury Brands Inspired by the Living Light of Porcelain

luxury lighting brands

A more unusual interpretation of the classic chandelier form is fixtures crafted in porcelain. When crystal is transformed into porcelain, a warm, bright and evocative glow is created. Light filtered through porcelain is truly magical, creating a soft gleam comparable to the low winter sun. Therefore, these fixtures are best placed in living spaces and communal areas such as the lounge or kitchen to create a beautiful, comfortable, uplifting ambience.

Inspired by over sixty years experience crafting ornaments in porcelain, Spanish luxury brand Lladró have created a lighting collection, which includes some truly fabulous porcelain chandeliers. Crafted with all the passion and imagination they pour into their statuary, Lladró’s Valencia Winter Palace white porcelain chandeliers are a thoroughly contemporary, glamorous and inventive interpretation of a piece of classic design history.

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