Amplify tranquility with these luxury living room sets

Designing your ideal living room is more than choosing furniture and colour palettes, this room is the principal hub of your home where your family synergise, your friends will socialise and your children will interact. Deciding how this room caters for the personality and requirements of every member of the house and the atmosphere you want to emulate are the first steps towards the process of creating luxury living room sets to inspire a peaceful, harmonised home.


Envisaging the luxury living room set that caters to your life and personal style

Luxury living room sets: Creating invisible boundaries

luxury living room sets

Creating invisible boundaries in open plan spaces through the position of furniture for a warming sentiment within each individual area of the room.

Interior design description

In a large open plan space, decorate with a substantially sized luxury living room set of sofas to allow for a comfortable, welcoming, cosy feeling. In doing this, the space has the opportunity to live up to its expectation of being the heartbeat of the home inviting all to relax and bond together.


Position the L-shaped sofa with its back towards the dining area, to create invisible boundaries between the different areas in an open plan living space.

When you are blessed with large windows flooding your living room with natural light, incorporating large plants are a fabulous way to create an indoor-outdoor sentiment. Plants not only inspire warmth and serenity but if they are tall in a space with high ceilings they offer privacy to each zone, allowing the practicality of different members of the family to entertain their guests simultaneously without intruding on each other.

Adding textured, printed or coloured fabrics, throws and rugs transform the lines of formal seating into an intimate and welcoming environment.

Luxury living room sets: Asymmetry and layering elements

luxury living room sets

Indulge in every element of your personality by layering the interior design through the addition of individual handpicked pieces of furniture for a well balanced entirety.

Interior design description

In a smaller more snug space, considering the right amount of seating for your family without cluttering the room, is the balance to aim for. Having a uniform matching set of large sofas may have a dominant and suppressing impact on your decor. Instead, construct a sophisticated finish by handpicking key seating pieces to create your own luxury living room set in layers.

Start with the centre piece: a comfortable, soft, indulgent sofa to plough yourself into after a long day. By keeping this in muted tones, you have more options to let your creativity flow when adding the finishing elements.

Combine that with an elegantly shaped upholstered armchair and a brightly coloured textured pouf adds a playful and well proportioned component without compromising on space, style and sophistication. Complete the look with effortless lighting design of a simple yet stylish lamp and chandelier on either side of the sofa for a balancing effect and curtains in block colours for a visually augmenting impression.

Living room sets: A setting for two

luxury living room sets

Glamourising the mysterious qualities of love and romance is a wonderful way to set the mood between yourself and your partner.

Interior design description

Establish a second living space away from entertaining others, with private quality-time in mind. The key pieces to invest in, for an area committed to the affinity between a couple, are a luxurious set of two armchairs or, for added splendour, chaise longues to indulge in one another by inspiring conversation and comfort simultaneously.

Use darker colours on the walls and combine that with the warming and reflective material of a golden-based coffee table has a romantic appeal which will reflect soft lighting, illuminating the space in a sophisticated and amorous way.

Having a luxurious, comfortable and indulgent living room, sets the tone for a happy home. List your practical requirements and combine personal style to layer together the ideal luxury living room inspiring a sense of euphoric bliss at home.