Luxury Mirrors: The Perfect Finishing Touch for Bathrooms

The bathroom is the sanctuary of the home; a place for relaxation, tranquility, and calm. Therefore, only the finest accents and accessories will do. From fluffy white towels to fragrant candles, it’s the finishes touches that make your bathroom a truly luxurious retreat. When considering the interior design for your bathroom, pay careful attention to the finishing touches. For instance, the perfect way to complete the design for your dream bathroom interior is to choose luxury mirrors.

Mirrors are the perfect way to add interest, artistic flair, and to create the feeling of space. Whatever the interior design concept for your bathroom may be – whether it’s traditional, contemporary, organic or eccentric – there’s certain to be a mirror to suit your style. Here, discover ten ideas for luxury mirrors from sleek, contemporary mirrored walls, to glamorous statement pieces, to opulent antiques.

Round Mirrors

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If you’ve chosen a contemporary, modular suite, a way to soften the angles of a modern bathroom is to add a round mirror. Whether you select plain glass or add interest with an unusual frame, placing a rounded mirror above the sink will offset the sharpness of the cabinets. For instance, this All Saints round mirror from Kartell is perfect for any bathroom, as it comes in seven different finishes. Add a traditional pull-out magnifying mirror alongside, and your bathroom vanity becomes an intriguing sculptural assemblage.

Sculptural Pieces

Furthermore, if you’ve chosen a contemporary bathroom design, you may wish to include a statement piece to add a touch of artistic flair. To add interest to the space, make the mirror the focal point by choosing a sculptural frame or an experimental shape.


When selecting a sculptural mirror, you can truly let your imagination run wild; from asymmetric shapes to daring molded frames, there is any number of ways you can introduce an artistry to the bathroom. For example, the John-Richard Zeta mirror employs inventive asymmetry to create luxury mirrors that are works of art. 

Deco Mirrors

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Introduce a touch of old Hollywood glamour to the bathroom by adorning the area over the sink with a Deco mirror. Whether they’re sculptural, multiple frame assemblages or single panes with cut glass details, a deco mirror is the perfect unusual, offbeat antique. For instance, this Egoist mirror by Koket incorporates multiple panes of glass with beveled edges. Suspended from a chain held in the palm of a beautifully crafted tiny brass hand, this piece is a classic design with a playful contemporary twist.

Playful Eclecticism

Remember to not feel limited by only one mirror. After all, multiple mirrors are the perfect way to create the impression of space in the bathroom, which tends to be one of the smaller rooms in the home. Try mixing and matching different shapes and sizes to give a plain wall or a double vanity a little bohemian eccentricity. For example, group together multiple round mirrors to subtlely suggest bubbles or droplets. Alternatively, purchase a set of different oddly shaped mirrors like this collection by Broste Copenhagen.

Opulent Antiques

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Mirrors, like a fine wine, improve with age. If your interior design concept demands some discerning, subtle glamour, look for antique luxury mirrors for the finishing touch. Antique mirrors are full of history – from the delicate, smokey tarnishes to distressed gilt frames, an antique mirror is sure to add interest to the space. For real impact, look for a free-standing, floor-to-ceiling mirror, which will make a statement and create the illusion of space.

Contemporary Minimalist

However, if you are committed to the contemporary aesthetic, you may be seeking a mirror that fits with your bathroom’s streamlined design. For a clean, minimalist look, opt for a mirror that has no frame or a very slim border. Simple, clean bathroom mirrors tend to be available from all good bathroom designers and retailers. For instance, this slim pane with a built-in light from C.P. Hart is available in two sizes and is a slick, sophisticated choice for a modern bathroom.

Porcelain Luxury Mirrors

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Porcelain is an elegant and unusual material. When applied to a mirror, it creates luminous, delicate contrast. Therefore, if you’re looking for a truly exceptional piece for your bathroom, consider investing in a hand-crafted porcelain-framed mirror by Spanish design house Lladró. Taking inspiration from timeless antique designs, Lladró’s mirror collection is the ideal way to add a refined, elegant accent to your bathroom vanity. For instance, their small Vanity mirror is available with both silver and gold accents. Furthermore, the style is also available in more unusual red and green colorways for those looking to add some color.

Colorful Mirrors

As moisture often prevents one from hanging any artwork in the bathroom, adding a splash of color to a white bathroom suite can be a challenge. However, an unusual colorful mirror may be the solution to brighten up the space. Consider purchasing a mirror with a brightly colored frame, or for those who are more experimental, try colored glass. For instance, these multi-colored pieces by Nella Vetrina are sleek, geometric and contemporary, yet bright and playful.

Exotic Woods

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However, if your design sensibility is a little more reserved, an excellent way to add some lush detailing to your bathroom is to choose a mirror with an exotic wood frame. For example, the gorgeous marbling of a polished exotic wood is the height of subtle sophistication. Furthermore, rich, warm woods like mahogany or maple can warm up a white bathroom suite. For instance, this Nomade mango wood mirror from Maisons du Monde also features a beautiful geometric gold inlay.

Sleek Mirrored Walls

Feeling overwhelmed by the different options? Lost in indecision trying to choose different sizes, frames, shapes, and finishes? An easy way to eliminate the problem is to opt for an entire mirrored wall. Dramatic, sleek and thoroughly modern, a mirrored wall is the perfect way to make the bathroom feel more spacious. If you’re considering installing a large mirrored wall in your bathroom, discuss the options with your interior designer and make sure you have the pane installed by appropriate contractors.