Luxury sofas: 5 timeless styles

There are endless options for luxury sofas on the market, but some styles and brands remained desirable throughout their many years in existence, creating a benchmark for new designer sofas to follow. Here you will find the top 5 all time favourite styles and concepts to bring comfort and joy to your home as well as modern interpretations of them.


Iconic luxury sofas and their contemporary interpretations.

The Chaise Longue

luxury sofa

Recline in style on the perfect boudoir designer sofaJuliette’s Interiors offer the most exquisite range of high end Italian chaise longues. The sumptuous chaise longues have been admired for centuries in ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek empires and later perfected by the French who so conveniently named this long chair.


Indulgently upholstered with antique style legs, this luxury sofa has endured many facets of interpretation over the span of its life.

Bold coloured statement luxury sofa

luxury sofa

A statement sofa is a key ingredient in the pursuit of a dream living room. The “Six Shades of Palmer” sofa by Fendi is an innovation by designer Toan Nguyen and a great example of this style. (Not pictured) This ombré luxury sofa offers endless options due to the nature of its design. Defined by its structural simplicity and colour scheme,  allowing a multitude of configurations, covering 6 shades ranging from a soft and feminine pink to a bright and dominant red within one unit.

Luxury Sofas with metal frames

Metal framed designer sofas in a plain fabric often make the room appear bigger and more breathable than their printed and heavily upholstered counter part.

KGBL is a leading American high end furniture brand with their luxury sofas largely geometric in silhouette with bronze bases. Bronze is trendy and authentic without being ostentatious, whereas gold has more impact on the decor and silver depicts a strict contemporary sophistication. All of which provide a minimalist yet decorative edge giving the perfect balance of interest and space.

The Chesterfield Luxury Sofa

luxury sofa

This unmistakable iconic sofa has stood the test of time by remaining a firm favourite since the 1700s. Originally a comfortable, deep seat, leather, button-back sofa with curved edges, over time it has undergone many transformations with a variety of fabrics, prints and colours. Regardless of the contemporary twists to this luxury sofa, the Chesterfield’s instant recognisability remains the statement appeal of this designer sofa.


Arguably the most versatile designer piece in your home.

The ottoman has a multitude of functions, with its padded seat and no back, it can be an occasional chair, a footstool or if you place an elegant tray on top of it, it transforms into a coffee table. Modern designs also conveniently have built in storage making it an ideal addition to the living room to store your throws and blankets.