Luxury throws and blankets to highlight interior trends

When amalgamating different furniture types or interior design concepts, your choice of accessories is essential to complete the look to ensure a fluid passage from one element to the next. Adding luxury throws and blankets cements the interior concept in a captivating way.


Combining luxury throws and blankets to your elegant furniture in a sophisticated way

Gold and faux furs

Golden hues have been the interior finish of choice of the bourgeoisie for centuries, exuding a sense of glamour and prestige, adding a luxurious faux fur throw blanket creates an affluent setting . When adopting this timeless metal based trend there are 2 primary ways to implement it:

  • Renaissance style: characterised by ornately carved and gilded accessories in the backdrop of natural shades of brown, gold and pastels, rich in decorative furniture. Here adding a luxury throw over the bed or sofa has soothing effect.
  • More subtle golden undertones: muted palette with golden accessories such as mirrors, lamps, chandeliers to lift the spirit and brighten the decor. Adding a statement luxury throw blanket in faux fur will have a balancing effect.

Chrome and silk

An interior focussed on hues of chrome and stainless steel is characterised by modern minimalist sleek lines. This trend has an innate simplicity inspired by the pursuit of purity and style. Armani Casa embodies this sophistication so elegantly. Complete the look with a distinguished tonal luxury throw blanket made from pure silk or add an accent colour to the decor for a fashionable effect.

Leather and velvet

Leather and velvet have a distinct ability to complement each other harmoniously. This is evident when we study the history of the world renowned Chesterfield sofa: this iconic piece of furniture is characterised by its comfortable and rounded corners, deep seat and distinctive buttoned back. There is a certain nostalgic quality when unwinding on this settee that has withstood centuries and remained a stylish beautifully-crafted contemporary classic feature in the heart of your home.


Originally this interior focal point was introduced in leather but over time velvet became a welcomed alternative proving the unifying appeal of combining these materials.

Therefore, dressing your timeless leather sofa with a luxury velvet throw blanket is a match made in heaven. It evokes a feeling of luxury and supreme comfort when relaxing in your home, surrounded by the soft, warm and content sentiments eluded by velvet. In an organic and neutral interior palette, incorporating a trend led luxury throw in velvet invigorates your decor instantly. Emerald and shaded spruce are key trend colours for next season to incorporate in your home.

Fabric sofas and cashmere or wool

When comfort and indulgence is at the heart of your interior design strategy, having a living room focussed on soft furnishings and scattered pillows is imperative.
Make this haven of serenity something to enjoy as a family by adding a luxury throw blanket. This is the ideal added element on your evenings of quality time together.
Cashmere and wool blankets offer comfort, warmth and distinction. This is the perfect setting to experiment with high end prints: Missoni Home offers an array of luxury blankets in their iconic geometric, multicoloured, chevron prints.

Luxury throws and blankets are the perfect accessory to add an inviting sophisticated element to your home decor, they are also a great gifting item for any special occasion.


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