Men’s apartment essentials: investment pieces enhancing quality of life at home

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own apartment or searching for the perfect gift, we have compiled a list of important elements to consider for some key rooms in your home that are not only men’s apartment essentials but essentials for anyone who values quality, design and elegance at home.

Men’s apartment essentials: 5 areas to invest in

The bedroom of dreams

A stylish and elegant bed with an ergonomic mattress is an investment that will improve the quality of your rest and therefore your quality of life. Research shows that high end memory foam mattresses, such as Tempur mattresses, are the market leader in providing enough firmness to support your lower back while being soft enough to follow your natural contour in all your sleeping positions while ensuring even weight distribution as well as consistency in temperature, allowing maximum comfort.

Scandinavian brand Hästens have been royal purveyors to the Swedish court since 1952, crafting stylish high end beds using natural materials for a sleep fit for kings and queens.

Luxury bedroom furniture for the perfectionist provides more in-depth information of achieving a harmonious and sophisticated bedroom for your individual taste.

Kitchen essentials

“An apron is just a cape worn backwards”, so to be a true superhero in the kitchen you need appropriate tools and luxury kitchen accessories to enhance your culinary rituals.

KAI produces highly reputable kitchen knives based of the ancient art of Samurai sword forging while the Frankfurter Brett’s customisable chopping board would make an excellent gift as a men’s apartment essential.


If you love entertaining High end furniture brands: chic dinner party ideas has state of the art furniture inspiration to complete your dining room.

The statement sofa

The quintessentially British Chesterfield sofa in leather is a powerful men’s apartment essential. It says something about its owners personality: classic, dependable and stylish.

However a state of the art fabric upholstered sectional sofa whispers thoughtfulness, serenity and ambition. Ultimately the choice is a personal preference.

Finishing touches and accessories complete the decor making it appear welcoming and warm.

Men’s apartment essential: The ultimate home office

A modern, design led and organised home office increases productivity whether this is in an area of the apartment or in its own room. Designating space for professionalism and creativity with sophisticated furniture is essential to any ambitious professional.

Herman Miller creates technologically advanced, ergonomic office chairs in a range of beautiful designs to relieve tension where the body needs it.

Enhancing your home with art

The art you choose to display is part of a personal narrative, telling a story of your values or travels, it has the power to tastefully tie together the different decorative elements in your home decor while adding culture and enlightenment.

As a symbol of wealth, power and loyalty, the sophisticated Lladró horses are impeccable works of art and status symbols to add to your interior decor as well as making an exquisite gift.

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