Microfiber Fabric for Upholstery: New Trends in Soft Furnishings

Interior designers are hailing an innovative new trend in interiors – microfiber fabric for upholstery. Although synthetic fibers are traditionally shunned by those with sophisticated tastes, microfiber is proving to be a game changer in the interior design world. This is due to its versatility, sumptuous softness and easy care.

Microfiber is made from man-made fibers such as polyamides or polyester. These threads are extremely fine yet robust, making a weave that is tough, tight and malleable. It is this feature that makes microfiber fabric for upholstery so popular. Aside from its luxurious softness, the main advantage of microfiber’s structure is its durability. For example, the tight weave of microfiber means that if you spill a liquid, the fluid will bead up on the surface as opposed to sinking in and staining.

Due to the material’s incredible versatility, there are many applications of microfiber for contemporary soft furnishings. This article details the possible uses for microfiber upholstery throughout the home.

Microfiber Fabric for Upholstery: Sofas and Corner Units

microfiber fabric for upholstery

Leather or suede has been a chic choice for sofas and corner units for decades. However, these natural materials are difficult to care for. Tarnished or marked at the lightest scratch or dribble of water, leather and suede sofas are a challenge to keep clean. It’s for this reason that microfiber fabric for upholstery has been such an innovation – particularly in its incarnation as microsuede.


Microfiber and microsuede are essentially the same thing. However, microsuede has been woven to imitate the raised, velvety feel of leather. The overall aesthetic of microsuede is slightly smoother, however, the ease of care makes up for the subtle difference. For instance, the Cenova sofa by BoConcept in their fawn EasyNubak finish is minimal, chic and incredibly durable.

Accents and Details: Microfiber for Arm Chairs

microfiber fabric for upholstery

Whether artfully angled in the hallway or carefully placed in the bedroom, an elegant armchair can find its home in any room in the house. Once again, microfiber upholstery is a wonderful choice for these accents due to its versatility and softness. For example, a large, squashy armchair intended for reading is a perfect piece to upholster in microfiber or microsuede.

A further reason microfiber is the perfect choice for stand-alone statement pieces is its amazing ability to hold color. This makes the design possibilities endless, as you can find microfiber fabric for upholstery in striking bright colors. For instance, a take on the iconic Pod chair is available with a black, blue, red, orange or green microfiber lining.

Surprising Locations: Microfiber in the Dining Room

microfiber fabric for upholstery

For relaxed dinner parties a softer, more inviting upholstered seat is preferable to a rigid wooden dining room chair. However, when the red wine is flowing and the night gets late, carpets and upholstery can be vulnerable to spills and stains.

This is precisely why microfiber fabric for upholstery is an excellent choice for the dining room. Its incredible resistance to damage means that your furniture will stay looking fresh through all the wear and tear of entertaining. What’s more, upholstered dining chairs also have a chic, retro look – for example, these faux-aged Clyde antique brown microsuede chairs have a fabulous mid-century feel.

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