Modern Classics Interiors: Contemporary Takes on Antique Furnishings

The dawn of the postmodern era ushered in a new epoch in design. Once a rigid, inflexible practice, suddenly, the rule book was torn up and thrown out of the window. After decades of modernist precision, designers could now draw inspiration from any era, creating eclectic, modern classics interiors filled with intrigue and elegance.

Therefore, to create a truly contemporary interior suitable for our postmodern age, feel free to be inspired by any style, time or culture. When juxtaposed with sleek, modern design and contemporary furnishings, antique flourishes can create an interior which is sophisticated, glamorous and thoroughly individual. Here, be inspired by suggestions for classic furnishings with a contemporary twist.

Modern Classics Interiors Reimagined: Chesterfield Sofas

modern classics interiors

The Chesterfield sofa is undoubtedly a design icon. First found in fashionable drawing rooms of Victorian England, the exact origin of the Chesterfield sofa is unknown. Once, the word ‘chesterfield’ was merely a byword for couch, but over time it has come to describe the iconic deep-buttoned, rounded leather furnishing. There are, of course, theories as to why the term came to describe this specific design. One anecdote suggests that they were named after the Earl of Chesterfield, who was somewhat of a fashion icon of his day.


Like the meaning of the word, the Chesterfield sofa has evolved over the centuries. Now available in a range of fabrics – including luscious velvet – the Chesterfield remains a chic addition to a living room interior. Teamed with white walls or slick geometric furniture, a vintage Chesterfield sofa creates a gorgeous juxtaposition in modern classics interiors.

Oriental Mystery Rediscovered: Fine Porcelain Lamps

modern classics interiors

Porcelain originated in imperial China thousands of years ago. First developed by the Eastern Han dynasty in approximately 200 AD, the art was perfected by 900 AD during the Tang dynasty. Since, this ancient tradition has endured, spreading east through the Islamic world and into Europe by the 15th century. During the 19th century, Ming vases were in high demand, and many were imported to Europe to be converted to lamps.

Now, these porcelain lamps are still considered prized and elegant accessories. For example, inspired by the master craftsmanship of imperial China, Lladró have created a stunning contemporary take on traditional Oriental porcelain lamps. Featuring the classic symbols of the dragon and the phoenix, this rich red table lamp is a gorgeous statement piece for modern classics interiors.

Opulence Redefined: Contemporary Baroque Mirrors

modern classics interiors

The Baroque style emerged out of Italy in the early 17th century. Following the Renaissance, the  exuberance and grandeur of the Baroque style used movement, contrast and glamour to create an architectural style that inspired a sense of awe. Spreading north into Spain and France, the most iconic Baroque interiors can be found in the palaces and churches of France.

The decadence of the Baroque period continues to inspire interior designers to this day. Now, gold Baroque frames and mirrors are a fabulous way to add an eclectic touch to an interior. Paired with slick, geometric furnishings, the movement and glamour central to Baroque will create an intriguing, off-beat contrast. Once again, makers of fine porcelain Lladró have created an inspired contemporary version of the classic gilt-framed mirror, re-imagined in porcelain. This astonishing limited edition Oval Wall Mirror is available in black, white and gold.