Country Home Décor: Inspired Spaces

Inspired Country Home Décor

Country home décor today means stylish modern pieces and new takes on traditional rustic motifs. These days country homes come in all sorts of styles, builds and have varied uses -whether just a weekend getaway, a place for holidays or summer time residences.

Country House Decor

Looking for an unusual take on Country Home Décor? Love ultra modern architecture?

From ultra modern concrete, metal and glass construction like this contemporary space, country homes allover the world are bastions of bespoke style and inventive decorating ideas. 

Imagine taking a mini break in this Georgia O’Keefe style American west look mixed with mid century modernist construction. Beautifully spare and yet bold. The antler theme continues to be central to modern and rustic décor, evoking so many sensibilities, from European countrysides, outback adventures, and even alpine getaways.


Among the many other popular trends are modern chalets with updated beam and stone construction topped off with wonderful windows and skylights to allow a spectacular view of the mountain landscape. As well, old manor houses still rule with their historic halls and rustic unfinished look that has a opulent elegance with high ceilings and an old world feeling. Whatever style, this type of residence is full of decorating potential.

Country Home Décor: Historic Spaces Modernized

Country Home Decor

Antique spaces and historic homes may have wonderful features architecturally but sometimes one needs an update. Decorators call this phenomena “good bones” a house with great features that needs a suitable upgrade. A farmhouse is revitalized with new paint and wallpaper that suit the era of the home here with Farrow & Ball Floral Wallpapers, Atacama, Yeabridge Green No.287, Clunch No.2009.

 Country Home Décor: Natural Materials

Country Home Decor

Many new cultivated spaces include organic materials like wood, stone and woven materials for a more natural country feel. A classic motif in so much of country home décor is the use of wood and stone.

We also love the presence of horse motifs, a particularly British manor house style perennial favorite often seen in textiles and artwork featuring these beloved creatures.

Add figurines to your weekend house for sense of personality, sophistication and beauty. Be inspired and decorate fireplaces, and tabletops with beautiful equestrian sculpture to bring a sense of personality and unity with nature to your space.

Outdoor Living

Country House Decor

Image courtesy of El Corte Inglés Decoración.

Being away for the weekend or holiday is all about the outdoors. So, all country home décor and planning incorporates outdoor spacing, so lawn and lounge furniture is key. Modern sensibility, materials and comfort rule in this Aire Libre 2018 series. Relax in style with these design conscious seating pieces.

Style is of course of the utmost concern when curating a space to relax as well as entertain, nevertheless comfort is also tremendously important, so don’t forget to keep that fireplace burning, drape your soft furnishings with cozy throw blankets, make the beds with crisp sheets, and outfit your porches and outdoor areas with comfortable seating. 

Whatever you style you choose for your weekend get away residence or holiday vacation home, country home décor is an opportunity for creativity, opulence and a chance to combine traditional motifs as well as historic architecture with modern innovation.

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