Online tools for locating the best luxury home floor plans.

Building and renovating to create your dream home has never been easier with the online tools available to make this process as enjoyable as possible. The websites below give you thousands of luxury home floor plans with photos of the interior to explore. You can purchase the plans or simply use them as inspiration. Once you have narrowed down your preferred house style, you can even create a model of each room using some of best home decor apps. Afterwards, all that’s left to do is imagine yourself in the picture.

Where to browse a curated catalogue of luxury home floor plans with photos of the interior

The House Designers

The first step to consider when designing or renovation your house is to determine you living needs. If privacy from your neighbour is an important element, you might want to consider an L or U shaped luxury home plan as advised by The House Designers.


Luckily they have an extensive catalogue on luxury house floor plans with photos of the interior to choose from to really simplify the process of choosing what suits your individual family needs.

Architectural Designs

With over 28.000 options from over 200 different architects and designers, Architectural Designs position themselves as a leader in the field of obtaining luxury house floor plans with photos of the interior. Within just a few clicks you can purchase customisable luxury house plans to suit an array of styles and budgets.

Sater Design Collection

Providing a simple user-friendly home build or renovation guide is what the Sater Design Collection prides itself it. With hundreds of  awards under their belt, Sater offers a multitude of online luxury home floor plans as well as accessible books delivering inspiration, expert direction with practical advice and easily catalogued luxury house plans with photos of the interior.

The best digital interior decorating apps using your luxury home floor plans

Floor plan top view, Detailed apartment furniture overhead top view.

Once you have narrowed down your search for the perfect luxury home floor plans to match your desires, the next step is to decorate and furnish.

Here are some top rated apps to help you determine your favourite interior styles.

Design Home

Perfect for aspiring interior designers.

This app allows you to digitally recreate and decorate each room as well as offer solutions for you interior decor challenges, making the expensive in-app purchases forgivable.

Home Design 3D

Quick and easy 3D models of each floor of your home allowing you to decorate with the in-app virtual furniture purchases. If you want to explore how certain renovations or extensions will impact the overall look of the house, you can assess the changes before committing to the build.

Roomle 3D & AR room planner

Offering everything the above apps offer with the added bonus of an augmented reality function. This function virtually imposes 3D furniture in real time as you walk through your room so you can have a greater understanding of how the item will suit the setting.

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