Porcelain Dog Figurines: A Classic Made Contemporary

For thousands of years people have adorned palaces, temples and dwellings with images of their canine companions. In ancient Egypt, Rome and China, mighty stone statues of canine gods guarded the doors of shrines and castles, enduring symbols of the close relationship wrought between man and his loyal animal friends. From the ancient world the tradition has endured, with more diminutive dog figurines commonly appearing in ceramic, fine china and porcelain.

Whereas once these tributes to our canine companions were only reserved for the wealthiest homes and the most important buildings, the dog figurine became a fashionable accessory for wider society in the nineteenth century. Usually depicting King Charles Spaniels, Victorian Staffordshire dog figurines or ‘hearth spaniels’ are now collector’s items.

The Classic Dog Figurines: Staffordshire Spaniels

Named after the town in the British Midlands where they were produced, Staffordshire dog figurines were the height of fashion in Victorian England. Much of this was owed to Queen Victoria herself, whose treasured spaniel Dash sparked the trend for the ornaments. Usually produced in pairs and embellished with a gold chain collar, these ceramic dogs adorned the most fashionable British households.


However, the Staffordshire dog tradition dates further back than the nineteenth century. The dog figurines were first manufactured under the reign of King Charles II, the monarch from whom the King Charles strain of the breed takes its name. The British monarchy’s love of spaniels endured from thereon in, with a famous story about Charles’ brother King James II, who when aboard a sinking ship in the Atlantic Ocean insisted the priority was to “save the dogs!”

Continuing this time-honored tradition, makers of fine porcelain Lladró have created a new collection of dog figurines, showcased here.

A Contemporary Take: Lladró’s Chihuahua with Marshmallows

dog figurines

Now, Spanish manufacturers of luxury porcelain Lladró have created a collection of porcelain dog figurines for the lover of any breed. Sculpted by Raul Rubio, the collection features an adorable statue of much-loved toy breed, the Chihuahua. With a fluffy pink marshmallow perched on her tiny head, these delicately painted and finely sculpted Lladró dog figurines are a very special gift for a lover of the ever-chic Mexican breed.

Impish and Charming: Jack Russell with Licorice

Forever sprightly and effervescent, the Jack Russell with Licorice is a wonderful gift for a dog lover with a vivacious personality. Caught in the act of raiding the larder, these Lladró dog figurines have a piece of licorice elegantly draped over their snouts with a cheeky, loveable look in their eyes. Sat with his hind legs askew and his ears pricked, this Jack Russell is a friendly, welcoming mantlepiece companion.

Delightful and Adorable: Bulldog with Lollipop

dog figurines

For those who like their canine companions a little more robust, the newest collection of Lladró dog figurines includes a gorgeous little bulldog holding a lollipop. Capturing perfectly the sweet, soft eyes of this iconic breed, the Bulldog with Lollipop is a fabulous gift for any dog lover with a particular interest in British breeds and traditions in ornamentation and statuary.

This new collection of dog figurines by Lladró are perfectly complemented by the soft, warm light of the Mademoiselle lighting collection. For more interiors inspiration in the tradition of fine porcelain sculpting, download Lladró’s catalogue or visit your nearest boutique.

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